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Support Fringe: Download Fringe on Amazon (For Free!)

      Email Post       12/29/2010 10:37:00 AM      

Amazon is running a special promotion for their Video on Demand service, and we thought this would be a good way to show some support for Fringe.

Sign up before January 1st for the "Tweet and Get $5 as Amazon Video On Demand" to get your $5 VOD credit (US residents only), then use that credit to buy two episodes of Fringe.

Fringe Season 3 is currently ranked #34 in the top Video On Demand TV Shows. It would be great if everyone would buy two Fringe Season 3 episodes ($1.99 each) and see if we can move Fringe up to the top ten!

FYI, I'm buying Entrada and Marionette... what episodes will you buy?

UPDATE: The promotion has ended. Fringe Season 3 moved up four spots to #30 in top Video On Demand TV Shows. Based on orders placed through the links on this site, the most popular downloaded episodes were: Entrada, Marionette, Olivia, The Plateau, Pilot, The Abducted, and The Box. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Anonymous said...

Curses! I'm not a US citizen!

runpaceyrun said...

Why is it that those who dont live in the US cannot support Fringe too? I will just have to get my oars out and start rowing Australia towards US waters!

Dennis said...

There are lots of other ways to show your support for Fringe, even if you don't live in the US. That is why I have been posting all of these "Top Shows of 2010" polls.

I am going to try to make "Support Fringe" a regular feature at If you have any good ideas to help raise awareness and to get more people to watch, let me know.

Millie Kaylee said...

"Pilot" and "Entrada"(: My favorites!!! And with the $1.02 I had left I bought the Glee episode "Furt" I feel like a loser for the glee episode but hey, I would have bought more Fringe if it was .99 like Glee...

Anonymous said...

Oh, there's an online award thing over at link

Fringe is nominated for a few things, but the only poll that is relevant today (January 29th) is the best guest star in a drama (Leonard Nimoy)

fringeobsessed said...

Everyone! Go to anonymous's link above to the TV Overmind Awards website and vote tomorrow, 12/30 for Fringe for "Best Show On FOX."

Anonymous said...

I have had an Amazon VOD subscription for seasons 2 & 3 & bought season 1 outright.

Anonymous said...

Just bought Entrada and Marionette

Ralph Bonilla said...

I bought Olivia and The Plateau.

Anonymous said...

Loved it in fact I have season 1 and 2; it is my favorite show and I got two of my coworkers hooked on it as well and enjoy talking about it the next day.

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