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Fringe Episode 309: Marionette

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When the Fringe Team investigates a case where a victim had his heart extracted, it’s just the beginning of a series of mysterious and reanimating events tied together. Meanwhile, Peter comes to terms with the reality of his relationship with Olivia

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Anonymous said...

I liked this episode a lot. There was so much love in so many forms packed into this episode. Peter's love for Alt-livia (brought up by Olivia). The man's love for the poor ballerina. Walter's love for Peter in his way of trying to save Peter from regrets and lies. Astrid's love and concern for Olivia. And finally the big one- Peter's love for Olivia.

I loved the emotion throughout this whole episode. I can't wait to see what will happen next. Hopefully Peter will make it right:)


Anonymous said...

This episode was so good. I think that Olivia was completely justified in what she said to Peter, even though I really didn't want her to say it. This episode really was heartbreaking for me. I am really excited to see how the next episodes will go. And my friends keep telling me that Fringen is going to be cancelled but I know this is wrong! How can they cancel this show!? The only reason they would is because people don't know what good televison is......

Craig said...

Typical Fox kill a fantastic show by moving it to the death day. Perhaps we get to look forward to another hour of American Idol every week. Middle Finger Raised High.

Anonymous said...

Peter isn't in love with Bolivia, he simply enjoyed seeing who he thought was Olivia, happier. Clearly his allegiance is with Olivia; he threatened to kill Bolivia if he learned any harm had come to "our Olivia." His observations concerning the differences between the two ladies was accurate.

BTW: It's too hard to post here. I finally gave up and used anonymous.

I'll agree that in his attempt to be honest with Olivia, Peter was a bit oblivious. A wiser man :) would have omitted a few poorly chosen phrases in favor of more favorable ones. He should have said, "I noticed changes, small changes, but they were there. She was just not as aggressive as an FBI agent. She was giddy...not nearly serious enough."

Both Peter and Olivia got hurt by Walternate's puppeteering. That was probably one of Walternate's aims, to uproot that emotional connection to the blue universe for Peter.

January 21 is too far away.

Anonymous said...

That episode was a little bit too much for me, too cruel that he made her dance on strings again; together with the music and his great acting it was REALLY REALLY horrable! I didn't have any problems seing those cruel cases before, but that one was really too heavy...Anyway, I still LOVE FRINGE!!

Anonymous said...

I think that we are going to find out that the blight that has been destroying the other universe was caused by walternate trying to get Peter back all these years. Like any good Commie he has to set up the boogie man then control the people with fear.

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