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Vote for Fringe in the SpoilerTV Awards - Round 3

      Email Post       12/15/2010 08:46:00 AM      

Everyday this week, SpoilerTV will be running their "SpoilerTV Awards 2010 ", where you get to vote on your favorite shows.

Today Fringe is nominated in two categories:
Since you can only vote for one guest star, I would like to suggest that we focus our efforts on William Bell, the leader in our own internal poll.

You also still have until Monday to vote on the previous nominees:
Currently, Anna Torv, Fringe and John Noble are in the top five, so if you haven't already voted in these categories, head over and make your vote count!

Remember to check back everyday, as there is still one more poll with  Fringe nominees:
  • Best Episode: Entrada, Marionette, Over There, White Tulip
Since there can only be one "Best episode", I think we should focus our efforts on one selection. It looks like Entrada is still in the lead for our own internal poll. However, since we have a little time before the voting starts in these categories, please vote in the polls below, and we can try to get a consensus. Thanks!

What's your favorite Fringe episode?


danny said...

Entrada was definitely the best episode, good choice!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to vote for Nimoy, Torv and Noble, but my machine here keeps freezing up on the voting site. So, vote for them for me. Thanks!

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