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Fringe Sneak Peak 310: Firefly

      Email Post       12/10/2010 10:05:00 AM      

Here is a sneak peek scene from the "midseason premiere" Fringe episode "Firefly", courtesy of the Sprint Fringe Now website. "Firefly" airs on Friday, January 21st at 9:00pm.

For more info on this upcoming Fringe episode, check out the Fringe spoilers section.


Anonymous said...

is it just me or is this Hurley's theme from LOST?

Anonymous said...

I thought I was watching an episode of LOST at first. There are even allusions to Hurley's dream from season 2.

Unknown said...

Ok good, I'm not the only one who noticed Hurley's theme.

Anonymous said...

If you find the Ken Tucker - Paley Center interview with the writers - you'll see that they wanted to develop a program with all the facets they wanted to see in a TV series - from all the good science fiction that has come before -

Anonymous said...

cant wait...cant wait...cant wait...

iam a german and i have to vpn to this network and doin this and that to watch the show !

( in germany we are 1 season behind.....)

Anonymous said...

Just rewatched S2E03. The final speech about the observer gave me the creeps this time - with Firefly coming up in January. Before I was okay with waiting, as I have a lot to learn, but now I just cant wait anymore

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