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Spoilers for 310 "Firefly"

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Hi guys, I am writing this post to share a theory/spoiler about the episode 310 “Firefly.” Have any of you watched the Tales From The Fringe videos that the Sprint site releases every week? If you haven't, you must see it to understand this spoiler. Click here to watch the videos.

After you have seen all the videos, ask yourself how it is that the Peter and Walter scene from the previous episode connects to the story of Bobby.

It makes more sense if you also read this spoiler from EW:

Christopher Lloyd on Fringe

True! Back to the Future‘s Doc Brown has been cast as a musical hero of Walter’s who’s been in a nursing home and becomes the subject of a Fringe investigation. “Christopher plays Roscoe Joyce, a keyboardist for Walter’s favorite 1970′s band Violet Sedan Chair,” explains exec producer J.H. Wyman. Fellow EP Jeff Pinkner adds, “The lives of these two men, who have never met before, overlap in strange and unexpected ways.”
Don’t see the connection? Let me explain:

In the comic, the young man's name is Bobby Joyce, and his father is a musician (a.k.a. the character play by Christopher Lloyd). In Bobby’s dream, his father is very old and lives in a nursing home. Later, we see a boy (we never saw his face) catch a firefly that was supposed to fly 3 miles further so Madison (the little girl that gives Bobby the penny so he can call his dad) can catch it. Because the boy interfered, Madison didn’t catch the firefly and got lost in the forest trying to catch another one. Her father searches for her and, as a result, is late for work. As he hurries to his job, we hear the song “Hovercraft Mother” by Violet Sedan Chair. Madison’s father runs a red light and kills Bobby. Then we see the same scene from 309, “Marionette.” Why?.

I think the boy who catches the firefly is actually Peter. He wasn't supposed to catch the firefly, because he is dead in this reality, but the fact that he’s here changes the future for Bobby, and probably for his dad, too.

You can read this article in Spanish here.


Anthony Morris said...

What a wicked theory, that would be awesome! I'm very excited for Fringe to start back up.

Damian Garcia said...

I think that might be spot on! I wasn't sure how this all connected, but that theory makes logical sense. Will be interesting to see if it ends up being true next month.

Anonymous said...

wow man that's awesome, that's exactly what I was feeling put into words plus you twisted the ending from mine and i dig

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