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Vote for Fringe in the SpoilerTV Awards

      Email Post       12/13/2010 08:32:00 AM      

Everyday for the next week, SpoilerTV will be running their "SpoilerTV Awards 2010 ", where you get to vote on your favorite shows.

Today Fringe is nominated for two categories: "Best Returning Show of 2010" for Fringe, and "Best Lead Actor in a Drama" for Joshua Jackson, John Noble, and Lance Reddick.

Since you can only vote for one actor, I would like to suggest that we focus our efforts on John Noble (sorry Josh and Lance).

Remember to check back everyday, as there will new polls with other Fringe nominees. Still to come:
  • Best Lead Actress in a Drama: Anna Torv
  • Best Guest Star: Peter Weller, Leonard Nimoy, Michael Eklund
  • Best Love Triangle: Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Alt-Olivia Dunham
  • Best Episode: Entrada, Marionette, Over There, White Tulip
An again, since there can only be one "Best episode" or on "Best Guest Star", I think we should focus our efforts on one selection. Personally, I would want to vote for Peter Weller and Entrada. However, since we have a little time before the voting starts in these categories, please vote in the polls below, and we can try to get a consensus. Thanks!

What's your favorite Fringe episode?

Who's your favorite Fringe guest star?


DarkUFO said...

Thanks for the shoutout Dennis

Padee Moua said...

I was AMAZED to see Leonard Nimoy as William Bell. He's a legend!

Anonymous said...

Michael Eklund as Milo Stanfield in "The Plateau" the OBVIOUS choice.

Anonymous said...

Michael Eklund gets my vote!

Dennis said...

Michael Eklund was great, but Leonard Nimoy is already in SpoilerTV's top 5, so he has the only real chance for a Fringe star to win.

Anonymous said...

If we want to vote for Michael Eklund are we supposed to do it on here ( or do we need to vote at the SpoilerTV website for our votes to count?

Dennis said...

If you vote here at FringeTelevision, that's just our own little poll. If you want to vote in the actual SpoilerTV awards, you have to vote over at SpoilerTV.

The idea of running our own poll was to decide who we should focus our voting efforts on, to better a chance for a Fringe win. But obviously, you are free to vote for whoever you like.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Michael Eklund as Milo Stanfield in "The Plateau" is the clear and obvious winner. Much deserved.

Rory Richards said...

Michael Eklund was superb and is a clear winner in my opinion.

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