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Fringe Easter Eggs: Observer in Entrada

      Email Post       12/02/2010 11:10:00 PM      

The Observer can be spotted outside Penn Station (known as Springsteen Station in the Red Universe), just after we cross over from Red to Blue, and before Peter and the gang show up.

You can see all of The Observer's other appearances here.


Unknown said...

Hi, do you know the name of the song that was playing when Broyles was in the cafe? I'd really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

@jtonier, Nice catch. It's "You Got It" by Roy Orbison. A nice nod to the differences between our side and theirs. The version heard in the bar is much slower like a ballad. Here's our version. I'm guessing they just cut the tempo in half.

Anonymous said...

Also, the song is a thematic undertone to what Broyles is thinking. He knows she is in trouble, but he is conflicted. "Anything you need, you got it" -- because you saved my son! What a conundrum.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just slowed down. It had a piano arrangement, sounded like John Lennon singing. Impossible in our side, but not over there.

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