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The Best Of the Fringe Tweet-Peat

      Email Post       9/04/2009 10:34:00 AM      

Last night's Fringe Tweet-peat featured many insightful tweets from the shows cast (Joshua Jackson & John Noble) and crew (executive producers Jeff Pinkner & Joel Wyman). It was sort of like watching a DVD with the audio commentary turned on - not something you would want to do if it was your first time watching the show, but interesting and insightful if you have already seen the episode.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Last night's Tweet-peat was a ONE-TIME event! There WILL NOT be Twitter updates on future Fringe episodes.

However this Raison d'ĂȘtre got a little lost between the Twitter-gate controversy and some bad Twitter etiquette. (Twitter Tip: When you reply to someone on Twitter, it is often difficult or impossible to find out what the question was, so *please* incorporate the question into your answer! )

Here are some of the best questions, answers, and comments for those that missed show, or just couldn't handle it (contains some mild spoilers):
@lost815 Who was the #Observer talking to at the beginning of the arrival?
Jeff Pinkner: Well, his mother, of course! -- that answer will come in season two

@Primulablue Will there be more clues embedded in the show to figure out this season, such as last season's mysterious icons?
Joel Wyman: Yes, there will be many more clues embedded in the show this year. Keep a CLOSE eye.

@LiasonFan1 Can't wait for the new season. Can u give my Peter a little love life pretty please
Joel Wyman: Peter will FOR SURE have some romantic involvment this season. (But NO nudity, I'm afraid -- they would move us to cable!!!)

@FringeTV Does The Observer work for William Bell?
Jeff Pinkner: No, The Observer does not work for Wm Bell...

@jonxproductions If the Observer is "September" when will we meet "October"?
Jeff Pinkner: We will learn much more about The Observer in the coming season.

@Traciebee When does season 2 take place?
Joel Wyman: We pick up this season only a few hours after the season finale.

@pj179 So how many dimensions are you going to be working with. More than just 2?
Jeff Pinkner: According to string theory there are infinite universes... but we will only be dealing with 2!

@carihindman so will you get to go to the other dimension? Is that were ZFT is?
John Noble: We are still considering who will and when will they cross into the other dimension

Jeff Pinkner: Did you notice the books in the girl's apt? "Childhood's End." Clue?

Jeff Pinkner: "He is here" Makes you wonder who HE is. [William Bell?]

Jeff Pinkner: Look for more #Grayson in season two. He's gonna be VERRRRRY helpful. [Emmanuel Grayson, the Trekkie seen in The Road Not Taken]

John Noble: The alternate reality reveal is critical to the end of Season 1 and ALL of Season 2

@usefultheory Will we ever get an explanation for the short animation/graphics we see before commercials?
Jeff Pinkner: The graphics before commercials are a CODE. Can you break it? [The code has already been cracked]

Joshua Jackson:2 "We should come up with names for all the "alts". Alt-livia, Walter-nate, Alt-strid Farnsworth."
I love the idea on Alternate world nicknames for the characters. So, now we have:

Olivia: Alt-livia
Walter: Walter-nate
Astrid: Alt-strid
Charlie: Scarlie

We just need names for Peter, Nina, Broyles, and Gene. Any Ideas?

Also, check out BuddyTV's list of their favorite tweets here.


Anonymous said...

Ohh Just noticed the image. LOL! I don't really understand why people are upset enough to be calling for people to be reprimanded or even fired for this. Really now? For putting tweets on the tv screen they want people to get in trouble?

Anyway moving on to the actual tweets - I'm actually disappointed I didn't get to see the episode on TV - There's lot of stuff I missed last night trying to keep track of the video and the tweets at the same time - I don't think I was getting all of the tweets from some of the participants even though I was following them.

Unknown said...

I love the show but couldn't watch it last night because the tweets were too distracting - hope this is not a permanent feature.

Unknown said...

I found the twitter comments quite distracting. If this continues, I will not be able to watch future episodes.

Dani said...

I think people are over reacting to this. I mean they've already said they won't do it to new episodes, even if they do do it again.
Anywho, nicknames.
I prefer Alter-Walter just cause it's funnier to say xD.
Scarlie is ACE though.
Coming up with nicknames is hard xD.
The only sucky one I could think of is Nina-lt xD. And that sucks bad.
We didn't actually see alterGene. WHAT IF SHE'S A PIG OR SOMETHING?

D_bowmanplus said...

Let me add my 2 cents worth. If you ever have such a distractingly silly idea again, at least provide an opt-out option.

Anonymous said...

What genius thought of ruining the experience of a first time viewer?! I just wanted to check out the show. Not sure I'll come back.

Zate77 said...

Like the nicknames but one thing to consider: It would appear that this worlds Peter is dead and the one in the show is the alternate Peter from "Over There". So there shouldn't BE an alternate Peter in the other reality. Really love Scarlie though.

Unknown said...

I too found the Twitter comments very distracting, I didn't even watch the whole episode. Please do not try this experiment again. Not een with repeats!

tallone said...

Jeff Pinkner in his comment to me when I asked will Peter be part of the alternate reality? He said to watch him closely to learn more about the other reality.

Anonymous said...


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