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Fringe Now: Alt Universe Articles - Princess Diana

      Email Post       12/10/2010 10:19:00 AM      

The Fox "Fringe Now" website has a new "Alternate Universe Article", which shows a news article from the Red universe, on one of those ubiquitous iPad-type devices.

The article is titled "Princess Diana - Conspiracy theorists believe it was a setup." In the Red universe, Diana is still alive, and is now the Queen.


Sheryl Darlene Saunders said...

The poor gal is dead. Why can't they just leave her be? I hope someone sues whoever thought of this marketing dribble using the Princess. It is in such poor taste.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the web comic. How was the boy who was hit by the truck related to the Bishops? Why were we told his story? I like the look into the latest episode but I don't know how they are connected.

Monika said...

@hanakogal: Someone wrote on youtube: "The comic - the guy catches a firefly which should travel another 3 miles. The girl then wants to catch that firefly but since its already been caught, new probabilities have been made."

Probably explains the episodes title.

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