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Fringe Observiews 5.01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 5 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.
Screen caps from this episode are taken from Dialog is from

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews. I could also have missed a few things, oh well…

Finally, Fringe is back - with a vengeance. In my mind that was the best season premiere of all of them and just by this one episode the entire main cast deserves recognition. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Let's observe.

3.06 6955 kHz
FAUXLIVIA: "If you knew that only... one of our worlds could survive and if it was up to you, and you alone, to defend your side... You'd have no choice, right? I mean, you would have to do what you had to do... no matter the cost to protect... our world."
PETER: "There's always hope, right?"

There is Peter, there is!

Now you might say, but that's Fauxlivia talking and not Olivia. You are right but they are genetically the same and thus think alike. I will get back to that conversation later. 

Onward with the episode. 

We pick up where we left off in season 4, episode 19 "Letters of Transit" where the Observers have taken over, ruling the world.

Glyphs spelled: DOUBT
Last season the glyphs pertained to the next episode. This season I don't know yet. We could definitely see by the end of the episode as Walter couldn't remember anything, that there is doubt in being able to fight the Observers. 
And Etta doubts that her mom is still alive. 

The Observers were all over the episode. And since this season is all about them, are we still playing the "look for the Observer" game? Only time will tell. 

The episode started with a dandelion in its second stage.
And it ended with one in its first stage. 
It's almost as if we've seen the end first and now we're going back to the beginning. Yes, there is hope!

Peter is having a dream of before everything went bad. Olivia and him, happy.
As we know in the Fringe world nothing stays that way for long and sure enough trouble is on the way.
The Observers are coming.
Was it only Etta they took? Were the other kids from the park missing as well? Why did she not run to her parents? 

In this sequence, both Peter and Olivia are wearing their wedding rings.
Should be interesting to hear how Olivia introduces herself next time she uses her full name. 

When Peter sees the building disappear
I thought of Walter activating the anti-matter bomb in 4.19 "Letters of Transit".
Come to think of it, that was the old Massive Dynamic Building. Hm!
And I couldn't help but reminisce about old times for I thought of 2.14 "Jacksonville" as the building disappeared. 
Peter's dream seemed time-warped, fragmented or "partitioned" if you will or was it just how it was decided to present this? But... after all the Observers just appeared out of nowhere. 

Peter is looking for Olivia in the tent. She's resting.
She's got a tag pinned to her, a yellow one. We know how our Olivia feels about yellow. And I hope this tag on her is not a premonition to something coming. 

At the end of this dream, Peter calls out for Etta because he can't find her and wakes up. He then goes upstairs to check on her.
She still has the bullet that Walter pulled out of Olivia's head at the end of 4.22 "Brave New World Part 2".

Downstairs Walter was snoring away but something woke him up. I'll get back to that. 

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Astrid is playing scrabble, checking on weather and reading the news all at once.
The color of the kitchen is green and the living room is red. 
She also made tea. What? No Coffee? Oh, I remember now from 4.19 "Letters of Transit".
And to make it worse apparently eggs come on a stick now.
Or as Peter calls it: "punishment food"

One of the words on Astrid's scrabble screen was HOPE
which I thought was cool because that seems to have been the theme of this episode.

The other word was Galium. And the scrabble dictionary did not recognize Naugahyde, which Astrid says was pleather.

Peter reminds Walter that he needs to put on some pants first before they can look for Olivia. And wouldn't you know, Walter is actually aware of not having any on.
A few other things on here as well: for one we've got the butterflies and the drawers have numbers on them. What I could make out was from top to bottom: 471, 830, 265 and 138. Any ideas? 

Then Walter tries one of the egg sticks and he spits it back out. Now we know that Walter has eaten, sniffed and tried many things. But even these were too much for him. I agree, Walter: "miserable future".

Walter has an idea where Olivia could be so off they go.
WALTER: "Aspen [to Astrid], help me find my shoes. There's no time to waste".

I was thinking back to 3.01 "Olivia" 
FAUXLIVIA: "You know, I haven't seen those in a while... your shoes."
WALTER: "Wallabees."
FAUXLIVIA: "Are you bringing them back?"
WALTER: "Where did they go?"

At the end Walter even loses one.

So the team (Etta, Peter, Astrid and Walter) head to Columbus Circle in NY from where Olivia contacted Walter before she disappeared in 2015.
As I looked at the graffiti in this shot and another on the opposite side I noticed that two of the Observers had their eyes blocked. Those are the only two. When I saw the clock on there I thought of Alice in Wonderland: "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date." It was on TV last night, maybe that's why. And the boarded up window stood out as well, maybe because of the color contrast. 

Peter looks over the fence.
The Observers paved over Central Park. They build machines to pump carbon monoxide in the atmosphere because there is too much oxygen in the air for them. 
That maybe explains Walter's statement from 4.19 "Letters of Transit". 
WALTER:  "He [September] told me that, in the year 2609 A.D., they finally ruined the planet. They poisoned it -- the air, the water. And when it was fundamentally uninhabitable, then they traveled back through time, and took our planet from us."
I also thought back 1.15 Inner Child
The boy [who we probably all agree on is an Observer, yes?] was found in a sealed tunnel and he had to be deprived of oxygen. Did the Observers always have problems with our oxygen levels? 

Don't know where to put it but "Steeles Public House" stood out. And also keep this location in mind. I'll get back to that. 

Astrid pointed out an ambered building and that Olivia could be in there. Walter had given her an ambering device. He would have given one to Peter too but apparently he deserted everyone. Hm. 
On to finding Olivia. But as it is in most situations on Fringe...  
In this case, those trapped in amber were sold by Amber Gypsies. 

The title sequence is the one from 4.19 "Letters of Transit". 

The color scheme is all our favorite Fringe colors: blue, amber, red and green. A few things that stand out is the green angel and the red arrow. Does it mean anything? Don't know.
Also when Etta said: "The black market thrives here"  I swear, all I heard was this:

1.09 'The Dreamscape"
OLIVIA: " market buyers."
I'm such a nerd, lol.

Anyway, Etta is not going with Peter and Astrid to where they are selling the amber-cut-outs because Fringe Division raids that area and someone might recognize her. She does have a "deal closer" for Peter though.
While Peter and Astrid talk to the creepy guy, Walter and Etta are having a conversation.
For Walter it's only been two months since he had taken Etta to the pier where Etta rode the carousel.
I was reminded back to 3.22 "The Day We Died" when Walter was talking with Ella.  

To Walter, Etta will always be a little girl.

Meanwhile Peter and Astrid are looking for Olivia in the amber-cut-outs but it looks like she's not there.
So back to the bargaining. Peter pays with money and ... walnuts which the amount he had is worth almost $3,000.

Peter finds out that Olivia was sold to... MARKHAM!
I literally screamed when I saw him cause I was so happy. 
But that didn't last long when I saw what he did with Olivia. Pervert!
Using her as a table and spilling stuff on her, then blowing her kisses and telling her to be quit, grrr.
Luckily it doesn't take very long for Peter to show up. Markham is claiming the apartment is "Sanctioned", invoking Native Rights Statute 23-D. 23 is a recurring number. You can see some references here.
Did Markham recognize Peter's voice? 'Cause he got all frantic, claiming Markham died a hero's death. But then he hides under the bed like a coward. 
He for sure was shocked when he saw Peter and the rest. 

Markham bought Olivia because he loved her from the first time she entered his book store. So which occasion are you referring to, Markham?
1.14 "Ability" 
MARKHAM to Peter: "I like this one." (referring to Olivia)

2.13 "The Bishop Revival"
MARKHAM: "How is it that a beautiful lady like you is stuck with this guy?"
OLIVIA: "Uh, it's my job."

3.06 "6599 kHz"
FAUXLIVIA: "Thanks, Markham."  I just love his stare. 

4.16 "Nothing As It Seems"
MARKHAM: "A girl as beautiful as you who likes Sci-Fi is a girl after my own heart. I'm Ed, by the way."
OLIVIA: "Olivia. Sorry, taken."
MARKHAM: "All the best ones are. Story of my life... I'm a very, very impressive man."
OLIVIA: "And I'm still taken." 
MARKHAM: "Can't blame a guy for trying."

And then both Peter and Etta see Olivia. 
Can you just hurry and get her out of there already!!!!

Meanwhile the creepy guy has alerted the Loyalist's Hotline. 
AMBER GYPSY: "I got some information to sell."
LOYALIST HOTLINE: "Is it Level Four?"
AMBER GYPSY: "Yeah, it's good. Some people I saw on Reward Wire. I want three times the vouchers for my loyalty."
He saw Astrid and Peter on Reward Wire. And what kind of vouchers is going to get?

Peter, Astrid and Etta got Olivia out but Walter got distracted by the books Markham had in his place, specifically one by Asimov.
And as most times Walter being distracted doesn't lead to anything good. 
NEO-OBSERVER: "Resistance is futile." 
Etta said she had heard that somewhere before. Yep, right here. And that was another moment I screamed because at work, I'm called "The Borg". I have pretty much assimilated everyone to watch Fringe and I have used that phrase many times myself. 

Etta comes to the rescue and shoots the Observer.
Now the gun Etta is using is the same as Jessica Holt used in 4.22 "Brave New World Part 2", right?
Next question. Bell designed those, right? So which side was/is Bell on? 

Etta had instructed Walter to run, but he gets caught anyway. 

On to my first favorite part of the episode: getting Olivia out of the amber.
Peter tells Olivia to breathe. I've seen the episode at least 8 times now and I have to tell myself that as well.  
When Olivia said: "Oh, Peter." I thought of  1.13 "The Transformation" just when Olivia came back out of the tank. 

And then the moment where Olivia sees Etta, awwww! 
OLIVIA: "You're beautiful."
ETTA: "So are you."

Etta thought she was four years old the last time she saw her parents but Olivia has not forgotten the exact age: "You were three years, one month and five days. There was not one moment that I didn't think about you."
And Etta is not the only one, carrying a memento around her neck. I believe Peter is holding his wedding band. 
Phew, not all is lost then, right?!

Etta and her mom reunited, just like earlier with her dad (4.19 "Letters of Transit")
I think this is or will be difficult for both Olivia and Etta. For one because of the ambering Olivia has not aged and now they are close in age. The other, both of them grew up without a mom. Olivia's died when she was 14. We still don't know who raised Etta and what her childhood was like. And we know that Olivia's wasn't easy. 
The segments presented here do not do justice to this scene and I wish I could just post all of it. So go and watch the episode again. The emotions from both of them (Georgina and Anna) were right on. 

But again this is Fringe so the bliss doesn't last very long because Olivia is asking where Walter is. 
Before Olivia ambered herself she retrieved a piece of tech that would unscramble the thoughts that September put in Walter's mind and put them back in order. September did that so no one could get access to them because they are crucial to the plan of destroying the Observers. We know that they can "read" minds. 

Meanwhile Walter is being questioned by Windmark. Or should I say - tortured. 
Walter is thinking of music, a classical piece called Song for the unification of Europe. I found the reference under the comments in this post. Thanks Julia. 

CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "We tolerate it. But it's merely tones, rhythms, and harmonic vibrations. I don't understand."
WALTER: "Mostly it amazes me. Music helps you shift perspective, to see things differently if you need to."
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "See things? Like hope?" remember the scrabble screen
WALTER: "Yeah. Very much like that."
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "But there is no hope... for you. Nothing grows from scorched Earth. You seem much more interesting as a human being - than as a vegetable. But, quite frankly, all things being equal, I don't mind which one you end up. The choice is yours."
Ok, a few things here, MR. WINDMARK - there is always hope even in the bleakest situation. 
I was thinking back to 3.08 "Entrada" where it looked really bleak for Olivia. And as often as I've watched that episode, I still think this is it, there is no way out for her, but then Alt-Broyles comes through for her.
ALT-BROYLES: "In the end, I have to believe in hope."

-nothing grows from scorched earth.  Obviously, Mr. Windmark, you are not familiar with Fringe's motto: Imagine the Impossibilities! We will see about that.
- and how dare you talk to Walter like that, wanting to turn him in to a vegetable. 
I really hope, you meet a gruesome demise yourself!  
Now that I have that off my chest, let's move on. 

Like father, like daughter. Seems Peter is not the only one with weird connections. 
Not only is Etta a Fringe Agent, she is also part of the Resistance. 
The set up here is mostly blue, with just one shimmer of red on the desk lamp. 
While Etta is inside asking for help, Olivia and Peter are having a conversation. This is my second favorite part of the episode. Both Josh and Anna did so wonderful. Sigh, I shall miss this cast. 
OLIVIA: "We didn't save the world."
PETER: "Not even by half. She's still trying, though."

I was thinking back to 2.22 "Over There Part 2". Olivia had crossed over to get Peter back.  
OLIVIA: "I thought of a hundred reasons why you should come back. To fight the shape-shifters, to take care of Walter, to save the world..." I'll finish that in a second. 

PETER: "I never thought I'd see you again, Olivia. I know what you thought of me... when I wouldn't leave Boston to come to New York with you... when I left you alone."
OLIVIA: "No, Peter, we lost our child. And... in the grief, we just... weren't able or were incapable of -- of being what we needed to be for each other. And that was all it was."
PETER: "You were stronger than me. You could do something that I couldn't do. You saw that the world needed us, and you went to help. And I just -- I didn't have the will to give up searching for this -- this perfect little soul that we made. Out here for all these years... fighting for these people, defending them. And at the moment that she needed her father to protect her, I couldn't do it. And I wanted more than anything for that not to be true. And in the state-of-mind that I was in... that meant at all costs... including us."
Both Peter and Olivia reacted according to who they are. After Etta disappeared, I can hear Olivia say: "I'm no good at sitting around." (2.02 "Night Of Desirable Objects"). I think Olivia's nature is to save the world. Just like Fauxlivia (see opening) was ready to protect the world at all cost, later even being willing to cross over and get Peter's help to stop Walternate. 
Peter is not so much different than Walter was when he crossed over to save Peter. He wanted to look for Etta and he did. 
I was reminded of a conversation Elizabeth had with Walternate in 3.15 "Subject 13" where Elizabeth was afraid that their marriage will break and that they wouldn't be there for Peter where ever he is. 
So here's my charge: 
Peter, be a better man than your father and let this not break your marriage. You are all together now. Mend it!
Olivia, you and Peter belong together. Embrace it, be vulnerable. 

Yeah, like they're gonna listen to me, but I had to at least try, lol. 

Anil said it is an honor to meet the team. 
Now I want to know the stories surrounding the team and what is "written" about them.  Simon Foster mentioned in 4.19 "Letters of Transit" that there are stories about them. 
Anil knows a few things about the Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11. 
He said that it retrieves specifically marked thoughts in your mind and unifies them. And Peter adds that you can keep them hidden from prying eyes until you want to access them.
What happened to Model- 1-10? And could this have been a fore runner of it? 2.10 "Grey Matters". 
It doesn't work though, which means they need to get Walter back. Anil is checking traffic cameras and eventually they find him in the Napean building that is almost impossible to get it. Could the name of the building be a rererence to thisBut Anil and his team have been working on a piece of the tech that could help them get. It lets you appear dead. 

Meanwhile, Windmark is still trying to get information from Walter. 
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "How did you learn to fragment your thoughts like that? Was it an Observer, as you call us, who partitioned you? No one else would know how to do that. The ideas are disparate but part of a whole. Put them together for me, please. Put them together for me. What plan? To defeat us? What are the elements of this plan? Let me organize them for you, please. You are fighting much more than I would have thought possible. Walter Bishop, if only I had a Unifier, I could unify these thoughts. I could go through the trouble to get one, But it would take weeks to break the biology key specific to your encryption. But... that doesn't mean I will not get the information out. It will make it harder to get to it, but it will come out. Who's the little girl? Who's the little blonde girl? She's helping you -- the little blonde girl. How can this small child be helping you? What is her name?"

I was thinking back to 1.04 The Arrival where the Rogue Observer was trying to get information. 

Can we give this man an Emmy already!!! Brilliant. Although it was tough to watch. 
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "These physics in your mind, they are also above your comprehension. What are the stones utilized for?"
WALTER: "I don't..."
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "You must try. What are the stones? What is your plan to defeat us? Let down the walls. I am your ally."
Now I'm intrigued by these stones as well. And Walter, he is not your ally. Unfortunately it seems that this was to much for Walter to bear. 
He gave up Etta.

OLIVIA: "She's amazing, Peter. There's just so many things that I want to tell her and so many things that I want to ask her."
PETER: "You will. It's like living this beautiful dream... inside of a horrible nightmare."
Which translates to: THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!
It should be interesting how the relationship between Etta and Olivia works out. I can already see that Etta is just as stubborn as Olivia. 

Etta is on her way in the Napean building. Looks like this loyalist has a crush on her. 
Buddy, she's a Dunham/Bishop and you stand no chance!
He also informs her that Simon Foster was found in Amber with William Bell. 

One of the dead bodies Etta delivers is Peter.  Etta wakes him up. And not only has he one gun, but two!
I was thinking back to 4.22 "Brave New World Part 2". Olivia and Peter had just landed on the ship when he pulls out the pilot's gun: "You can't be the only one who always gets to carry a gun."

Inside, they are able to let Olivia in as well, heading to the temporary carbon monoxide distributor which they have to disable. 
And as Peter says: "It's always the red wire. Unless it's the white wire." 

Peter and Etta find Walter. 
Olivia back in action. You go girl!

In the van, Walter is happy to see Astrid. 
He calls her "Afro" and asks for music. 

Meanwhile Windmark looks at some footage and sees how Etta is with Peter getting into the building. 
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "Hello, little girl." Oh that can't be good!

Back at Etta's apartment. Walter sees Olivia. 
WALTER: "Olivia. I am so happy you're alive." 
I was thinking back to 3.22 "The Day We Died" when Walter saw Olivia again after a long time in prison and how he welcomed her as his "daughter". 

Peter then shows Walter the Unifier and asks him if he recognizes it. 
It did not work before but as soon as Walter touched it the device activated. 
But... Walter doesn't remember anything, not even that they cut Bell's hand out of the Amber (4.19 "Letters of Transit"). They need it to gain access to a storage facility. 
WALTER: "I don't remember it. I don't remember any of it. I've failed myself, and I’ve failed the world. What is wrong with me? I can't even recognize myself."
Poor Walter! I was thinking back to 3.08 "Entrada" 
WALTER: "I'm a fraud. A failure. Four hours of intense meditation augmented by a precise two-gram dose of Brown Betty and I've got nothing. There is no way to cross over safely. I'm afraid I have failed you. I am sorry. And I have failed Olivia."

Walter was fighting so hard against Windmark that it destroyed all the thoughts which means the plan is gone. And it cannot be retrieved. All is lost... or is it?

Walter sees the reflection again. 
This time, he follows it outside. 
I just love Walter. 

The reflection drawing Walter are CD's. He had thought of music a few times. 
He finds a bag with more DC's and pops one in the CD player in the cab. 
When I saw the title of the CD "trip mix 6" this is what came to mind - without any hesitation, lol.
1.01 The Pilot
WALTER: "Excellent! Let's make some LSD!"
I'm sure if Walter goes on a "trip", his memory will come back!

A few other things I noticed in the cab. The snow globe is from Chicago which has been referenced many times as well. 
Peter wanted to send Walter there at the end of 2.14 "Jacksonville". 
Rachel went to Chicago a few times and finally moved there, as Projection Peter informs Olivia in 3.05 "Amber 31422".
Speaking of Rachel and Ella. Did they survive the purge? 
Next to the globe is a baseball. We know what that means, right?. Last season there was a 7th game in the World Series and we had to wait one more week for a new episode and it is almost that time of the year again. Just saying. 

A seahorse is hanging from the mirror. Walter listens to the song: "Only you". Everything seems hopeless but then he sees this: 
 Let's rename the episode, shall we: Resilient sign of hope!

Other Observations
Remember I said keep this location in mind. 
here is another one. 
At the end of the episode this is the same location outside Etta's apartment.
And we've been there before in 3.05 "Amber 31422".

This stood out too, maybe because of the arrow. I think it reads "uptown B". 

When Windmark entered the interrogation room, he neatly hung up his coat and hat. At the end when he rushed out he left his coat but took his hat. Hm. 

Wow, what a great first episode. I can't wait to find out how it continues. 
It looks bleak in the fight to destroy the Observers and even the fate of the team. 
In the end we have to believe in hope. 


panda said...

This is just purely splendid. Thank you so much cortexifan.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull review, Thank you. Just one thing is that since the timeline changed at the biginning of season 4, as far as I know Markham only saw Olivia one time in his bookstore, when she said she was "taken", seraching for a tatoo's meaning on a dead porcupine... Fab

Blue said...

Excellent as always! I love reading your Observiews, cotexifan.

Regarding what last name will Olivia go by this season, in 3.22 "The Day We Died," she was still going by Dunham in the future timeline even though she was married to Peter. So I would guess she would still go by Dunham in this timeline? Unless she changed it to Bishop because she was having a child. Actually, I'm more interested in what last name Etta goes by! Does she go by Bishop? Or is that name "blacklisted" by the Observers? And of course, who raised her???

I'm so worried about Windmark knowing who Etta is now. "Second chances" seems to be a reoccurring theme in the show. Is Peter going to get a second chance to save Etta?

cortexifan said...

Thanks guys/gals.
I know that in the new timeline they saw Markham only once. In 5.01 he said the he loved her "from the first time she came into my bookstore". I assumed he had to have seen her more than once. And... since I only have 13 episodes this season, I want to reminisce about the old times :)

Old Darth said...

Great job Cortexifan! Just as Fringe shows us many different realities, you show us that there are different ways to 'Observe' an episode.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to your Observiews. Keep up the amazing work Cortexifan!

I wonder what happened to Gene. I'm hoping she's still somewhere, ambered. Or at least in Cow Heaven. (I know it's crazy to be this concerned with a cow but hey, I believe she's the 21st century's own version of Lassie.)

Dennis said...

Maybe this season, instead of trying to "find the observer", we'll have to "find Gene" hidden is every episode ;)

cortexifan said...

I think Gene is ambered in the lab :)
@Dennis, was she in 5.01?

Zepp said...

Oh, cortexifan that this beautiful work anyway! I praise him now is a redundancy, but still thank you and congratulations for rich content! When I read your "observiews," I'm already prepared to stay aware of their comparisons between past episodes, which enriches the reading and captures my attention. I, through my eyes what you wrote, what most caught my attention, among other things, was that true "love declaration" of Markham, by Olivia, is not it? Must be that kind of platonic love, that we too, feel from time to time, certainly. Only, of course, I still have not had the opportunity to also have my "secret love", packaged in amber and inside my house![:)] This episode 5.01, was sensational, giving a preview of how this will be the 5th. and final season of Fringe, no doubt. Again, thanks for your excellent review!

Anna Elizabeth said...

WOW-Cortexifan! How do you do it....Your brain is like a Fringe computer!!! I'm so glad the new season has started so I can read your reviews again!! Your's are always my favorite!!! KEEP UP THE BEAUTIFUL WORK!!

P. S. Yes the Bishop family reunion was to die for!! Never witnessed anything thing that good on TV before!!!!!!!!

milostanfield said...

I'm all in for "Spot The Spotted Cow." I'm hoping they keep her in amber though until all this is sorted out. A guerilla war with omniscient Observers from the future is probably not the best time and place to have a cow (unless you're Bart Simpson. They need peace, stability, and good pasture, not carbon monoxide farms, to do their cow thing. Maybe at the end Peter, Olivia, Etta, and Gene can have that ideal picnic in Peter's Park Of Dreams and Grazing Day all in one.

Anonymous said...

Olivia for once getting 15 seconds with a gun, how long ago was that?

What have they done with my Olivia Dunham, the active fighter.

Now we alle have to care for Etta being the new Olivia, how insulting to Anna Torv.

At Comic Con at the press line, Noble and Jackson had a lot to say about their characters, and how they will be getting interesting story-arcs,

only Anna Torv had not, no wonder, according to the production people she will be reduced to backbone, aka she is mom ,
and has to get Etta straight, evil Peter (after epi4 it will be all about that Peter) and crazy Walter),

What a waste of a great character and awesome actress Anna Torv.

cortexifan said...

@Anonymous Oct 4 9:48pm
It makes perfect sense for her to be on the back burner. She just got out of amber. Be patient. I saw your post somewhere else as well, so be nice.

demanda said...

yeah Season 5 Observiews!! let me add my thanks to the growing list of your fans, Cortexifan, love your work. i wait with baited breath for this post, you have a great knack of seeing things that i miss.
Am loving the new season, even though i have to wait an extra 24hrs to catch up with the new episodes - New Zealand hasn't bought the new season yet, so i rely on the downloads - big thanks to all those who share by the way :)
couldn't agree more about Anna Torv and John Noble - what fantastic acting skills, combined with some brilliant and innovative writing and directing skills, it all combines to present us with some seriously good television.
i look forward to your next post with great anticipation


cybrtitan said...

what if Walter used the song "Song for the unification of Europe" to purposely scramble his brain before the observer could get too far.. this would also explain why when he came back to consciousness he asks for music.. his brain wants to Descramble/Unify his brain and all it knows is that it requires music ... also music would be the perfect key verses the observers because they don't understand it ... it would be like having a symbol in your password when a hacker only is expecting letters and numbers

cybrtitan said...

So why the "Song for the unification of Europe" to descramble his brain... would this be a song he chose because he would obviously eventually listen to it or what ... has this song been played somewhere else in the series??

cortexifan said...

@45 I did mention Josh and said that he did wonderful. Maybe you should read more carefully. Where is your review by the way?

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