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Fringe Noble Intentions: "The Recordist"

      Email Post       10/19/2012 11:49:00 AM      

John Noble discusses the similarities to "Johari Window", the record keepers, and the car they hot-wire, in this latest episode of Noble Intentions, for the Fringe season 5 episode "The Recordist".


Anonymous said...

I love him.

Zepp said...

It really is a real show of talent and artistic competence attend performances (several) Walter, by the great actor John Noble, no doubt. Noble already in the "gifted" with various personalities of "our" Walter, the "dry" Walternate, and now with another Walter, in 2036, he was a bit "disjointed" when it was removed from the amber, but that with some actions "fix" of "adjustments", provided by Etta and Simon, it was "fixed", and is adopting this new approach, emerging a new Walter, like "more in control of himself." Now we have a Walter in a futuristic style that I call "Walter 2036". John Noble is just fantastic!

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