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Fringe Episode 504: "The Bullet That Saved the World"

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Happy Fringe Friday!
When the Fringe team tracks a lead into a hostile and heavily guarded location, Phillip Broyles resurfaces…but can he be trusted?
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "The Bullet That Saved The World"?


Carla said...

Fox isn't airing it here in NW Arkansas. We're getting dead air where this episode is supposed to be. Anyone know what's going on?

jon said...

Go to and u can watch it there....problly one of the most intense episode of the entire series.

jon said...

Go to and u can watch it there....problly one of the most intense episode of the entire series.

Unknown said...

All I'll say is: seriously?

Unknown said...

All I'll say is: seriously?

Nathan said...

Spoiler Alert!

So ... everyone regroups after looking out for one another, but Olivia and Peter don't look around for their own kid? Not even after getting to Walter, begin discussing tactics ... they should have thought, "Crap, where's Henrietta? Let's go find her and make sure she's okay!"

Unknown said...

John Noble tweeted last week, "saying goodbye to Georgina Haig" so it sounded like her part was done, so wasn't too surprised. Hope they are able to reset things and go back to the time before the invasion and live a normal life with Etta.

Unknown said...

I thought that was strange too Nathan the only thing I could think of other than screaming at the tv "find Etta and stop taking your time" was that they thought she could handle herself and wasnt as in much danger compared to Walter who didn't have a gun?

Zepp said...
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Unknown said...

Agree Richard that would be the only way to finish the series with happy fringe fans

Zepp said...

This episode 5.04, I think, was the most emotional and “agitated”, this 5th season, and he seemed simply superb, stupendous! Note that this fictional drama so far presented to us, is slowly giving us undeniable subsidies to a large and masterful conclusion of Fringe, no doubt. Wyman, I see, is the great artisan, a dedicated mentor throughout this quality today, which was presented to us so far, with this solid and excellent finishing 1st. Act, a group of three, until the final 13. episode's end, of the saga of Fringe. Thanks, Wyman!

Yes, I also have fixed, with more attention, in this episode, a little more in Fringe-life experiences of the character Peter Bishop, being interpreted, so fantastic, the excellent actor Joshua Jackson. Then I realize that Peter is still that same guy Baghdad, kind of a "citizen of the world" and came under invitation from Olivia, the Fringe team, to be a kind of "responsible person familiar "by his father Walter. Peter was gradually identifying with these strange cases Fringe, and as also gradually been firmly shaping their presence in this peculiar FBI team. Peter discovered that he was from another universe (!), that his real father was not Walter, but a guy who was a kind of dictator in another universe (!), fell in love with Olivia, fought to have her love, was taken to this other universe, returned, went to live with Fauxlivia, thinking it was "his" Olivia, but it was not, then we had "his" Olivia, back, and ... All Things change, but he continues to be that same Peter!

After Peter, mentally traveled to the future, back down the stairs of the machine, and soon after, "disappeared" him! (Wow!) went through a phase of "never existed", then, as a magnetic soul, he began to "appear" to finally appear physically, and after that came the stage of: "Hey, you do not remember me? "Then, after a while, all the people he knew, began gradually to remember and recognize it again. "Uffff! ... How hard! Yeah, this is all a result of the saga of the character Peter, which is really something that reaches the level of the epic, no doubt. I repeat: he is the same guy from Baghdad! He did not "change" that neither Walter, Olivia, Astrid, Broyles ... He always was and is that same guy, with all the emotional charge, plus all this time, universal exchange, several dimensionalities, father was once a boy (Henry) who only learned later, after it had a daughter (Etta), with his beloved Olivia, and, tragically lost twice ...

If a person has many reasons to totally destroy, once and for all these maleficent and abusive Badservers, that person undoubtedly is Peter Bishop, the man who all felt, seen and lived it all, in the several times and dimensions, by these implacable worlds of Fringe.

Unknown said...

What a great insight Into Peter, Zepp. I thought it was a brilliant episode I smiled and cried at Broyles meeting Olivia as you suggested he is always an honorable man. I thought the reactions of Peter and Olivia on what to do about Etta interesting and in character. Acting was superb. Will we see queen bee Nina next week?

Zepp said...

Thanks Cazza Rule. But Nina, of course, who should appear, with great pose a queen bee, ostensibly sitting in that her wheelchair "atomic", no doubt. I always thought that Nina is a kind of "eminence grise" of Fringe stories, and even more now that the high status of this chaotic society, is controlled and / or "served" by these, Badservers radicals. I may be totally wrong, but I think the Windmark, is a type of "wasp-chief of the" Badserver, under the command of his "Queen Bee": Nina. So, I would venture, too, to say that Nina could be a kind of female Observer(!), but ... That's why I think she is coming!

Anonymous said...

Was crying like a baby when they found the dying Etta. :( I can't imagine how the effects of this will be on Olive who inally decided to build a relationship with her long-lost daughter one day at a time. She's always been one to feel guilt. She's probably hyper-sensitive and vulnerable right now, so Walter, this is the best time to give her Cortexiphan!

I agree with Zepp on his Peter-views. Daddy's gonna be on the hunt for Observer Blood, that's for sure!

I think Nina and Bell will each throw a monkey wrench when they appear.

panda said...

Broyles and Olivia meeting? I cried. Etta's death? I cried. Ok i cried a lot in this ep. :(
Gave it a 5.

Unknown said...

Me too Panda I cried at both and liked the Olivia/Etta scene. Deserved a 5 I gave it that too.

Unknown said...

Next episode Jepp? Or do you think Nina will appear in a couple of episodes once the Observers are captured by Peter?

Zepp said...

I have no idea, Cazza Rule. But, I think the Nina, when you least expect it, it should appear with all that evil, with the face of kindness and friendship. I may be wrong, but Nina is a false person, I have no doubt about that.

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