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The Fringe Podcast Episode 507-Feedback For The Recordist

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In episode 507 of The Fringe Podcast we share listener feedback we received for the Fringe episode, "The Recordist." We received a lot of great feedback and opinions about the new family dynamic and Olivia's feelings about being a mother, River's drawings and his father's decision to sacrifice himself, and whether or not this was a filler episode. We also received comments about a Doctor Who tie-in, a time travel theory concerning William Bell, and we even got some hate mail about previous comments regarding New Gir. In our Twinge segment, we hear listener opinions on who is Donald and whether or not we will see him again.

Send in your feedback and theories to 304-837-2278 or

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Anonymous said...

Maybe next time you speak mr Jackson you could ask him how a character as Peter, with all the backstory he has , including two sets of parents , can be called a McGuffin?

Jackson should be ashamed of himself for starting that complain nonsense, at the expense of Anna Torv , as he blamed her and Olivia in S3.
Difficult dealing with thenfact that Anna Torv is an awesome actor, on a scale he can never reach?

Thanks to his whining his fans have been bashing Anna everywhere, and they keep complaining that Peter has no writing and that all goes to Olivia and Walter.

Well Walter is right, mr.Noble gets all the writing.

But Olivia???

S1 go-between for Walter and Peter, they got the storylines, Olivia got to ask the questions.

S2. even more go-between Walter and Peter,
with Peter taken over Charlies role on top,
and Olivia marginalized, only some episodes with her active central

S3. first half Olivia captured and brainwashed,and replaced,
second half, she ahd to be Bell, and her only role was Peters girlfriend,

S4 Olivia without Peter, a lesser version, all for the story-arc that Peter should find her, his development, not that of Olivia,

If one character has been used and abused it is Olivia, she has become an Object in season 4 , most of all at the end.

It looks like season 5 she will be once again used for Walter and Peter,

But as usual mr Jackson in the media pretending that he had never an active role, and he now needs two guns as Peter and the hero he was already made since midseason 3.

That Jackson is not in several episodes of Fringe season 4, his choice.

He wants to be a moviestar, that filming was planned long before , so everything had to be adjusted to his needs.

But Jackson fans blame Anna Torv.

Sad misuse of the media by Jackson, and the worst part of Fringe:
the so-called tv media is redcarpet media, and most of them are Pacey fans.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of seeing all these posts hating on Anna torv or Joshua Jackson. Please stop ! Not only is this unnecessary, its embarrassing... Your giving us fringe fans a bad name! It's just a show it may be the awesomest show on the planet right now, but it is just a tv show, so just chill and enjoy the amazing episodes we get:)

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