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I hope you were all paying attention to the weeks Fringe activities, there is much to discuss.

In the episode the most obvious usage of the observer language symbols was the face tattoos that Peter and Etta both had to wear.

Serve for Peter and Obey for Etta, milostansfield mentioned in the comments of last weeks Observer Talk that the type of tattoo is possibly a rank or hierarchy of some sort. Obey for civilians, Heed for ordinary guards, and Serve for full soldiers.

Before we get to the rest of the episode we had a PSA Wanted video about Olivia that appeared earlier in the week. The keen eyed among you will have spotted a couple of things.

First we have a new confirmed character, Uppercase G for Olivia's Green eyes.

Second there is a small inconsistency, the hair colour is shown as Blond in English but Blonde in Observer.

Finally another small inconsistency, the height has the usual feet and inches marker in English, but in Observer the single quote symbol for feet is used twice.

That isn't the first time there has been an issue with height as previously for Astrid's PSA the English symbol was used in the Observer section.

So on to the episode itself and there were a few things to note. First is a sign in the Science building mentioning the Main Mezzanine.

This gives us the first usage of the lower case z character, and looking at the press release sheet that I mentioned last week, which is updated below, we can extract the character and add it to the key (also updated below).

Next we have the sign next to the keypad door.

There is nothing new here however the english displayed is "Restricted Area" and the Observer translation says "Restrict Area"

Finally from this episode we have the computer screen in the guard control room.

As with last weeks computer screen the Observer words do not seem to directly translate to English. I have added the literal translation to this image and as before if anyone has a theory about how to decode the message then please let me know.

On the screen there are two new characters, one is a known unknown, i.e. it appears on the press release but I don't know what it translates to.

The other, that appears 3 times, appears to be a symbol we have seen on the observer communicator but not used in written language until now.

It is worth mentioning that there isn't much crossover with the symbols on the communicator device and the language key, I can see this new symbol, and possibly D, M, r, and f.

Some of the symbols appear in September's and August's notebook so as theorised they may be word based rather than letter based.

Here then is the updated language key with the two new characters identified and below that the press release translation has been updated with the two new letters.

Finally for all those that asked is the Observer Language Font I mentioned. I have included all known letters, with a made up character in place of unknown letters.

There are also unknown characters included in the file, but you will have to insert them as special characters if you want to use them.

Click Here For the TTF File

Either click the link above or right click and choose save target as.

The font is provided without warranty or guarantee and is free for personal use.


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