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FBI - Fringe Benefits Inc Podcast - Episode 5.01

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Frea, Jan, Lou, & Maximus get together after each Fringe episode in this temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast to discuss the Fifth & Final Season of Fringe.

Hey everybody!  Fringe is back and so are we!!!!  Woohoo!  Time to talk some Fringe.

Joining us is special guest:

Jesse Jackson from the FarScape - Scaper Chronicles & Castle - Storming The Castle Podcast

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Intro Music: Intro - 'Lunatic Fringe' - Tom Cochrane

Exit Music: 'Don't Let It Show - I, Robot' - Alan Parsons Project
(In honour of John Noble's acting during the torture scenes)

Agenda after the break.


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2) Episode Easter Eggs  
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4) RoundTable 
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Anonymous said...

Etta is the bad part of this season Fringe, it is the last season, and that should be about the main charcaters, especially Olivia should be back central, as she has been used for Walter and Peter so often before season 3 and again since Firefly.

Etta takes half the screentime of Olivia, and I am not interested in her story,
I want to know about Olivias backstory, and why she was once important, and later just a tool for Bell.

And we never had Olivia really talking about her mother, and Nina and Olivia was a relationship off-screen, only because Anna and Blair are so great , there was one in the few scenesthey had.

Etta and Olivia worked because of Anna Torvs brilliance, she now plays a 38 year old Olivia, 2016 amber, and more bagage, and that maturity was totally there,
Peter is still a boy compared to Olivia.

BTW I find it shocking almost that the same people who were so against Lincoln Lee and Seth Gabel in season 4, wanting everything with the old cast etc,
are now the same who drool about Etta and Georgina, who really had an easy entrance, as she is a (IMO poor) copy of Olivia in the pilot.

So with Etta in, what is left for Olivia, being the caring mother in the back?

FYI Anna Torv is 33, born in june 1979, her own words.

For the rest: 419 I disliked, and this goes the same route, Wyman has made comments about Vichy etc, maybe he should do some rereading on the victim part:
-Markham : now being shown as a creepy guy that uses Olivia as a table (Olivia as object, again)
-the tattoos (see numbertattoo on concentrationcamp victims, be careful)
-the uniforms, more Russian than Nazi, but still
-ambergypsies, as the stealing amber people, is prejudice , would not have been done with other people of colour.

Standout for me was Anna Torv, too little on screen but her reaction to Etta, and her slow embrace, brilliant, and how she listened to Peter, that gave weight to the scene, not the horrible lines.

The Olivfia and Etta scene:
When Walter has something emotional with Peter or about it is always with toys,
here we have Olivia without any extra help, facial expressions only, and all the grief came back, the pain, the anguish and the darkness that comes with it.
I could feel everything Olivia must have gone through in those seconds,
Brilliant acting from Anna Torv, will be the only reason or me to keep watching.

I am not a fan of John Noble, (I know entire Bad Robot and production only want him to get an Emmy,)
but I want him for once to act without the extra help , the interrogation scene was predictable acting, luckily welwritten, and the actor who palys Windmark will probbly get a lot of playing evil jobs after this.

The end scene, was made by the entire setting, the rubble, the robe and the music.

Old Darth said...

First up - thanks for your feedback.

Disagree adding Etta is a bad decision.

Adding Etta to the show enhances not diminishes the characters. She allows the series to explore the main cast in new configurations ie mother, father, grandfather, and aunt that would not be possible without her.

After four seasons I trust the showrunners will NOT reduce Olivia or Peter to mere doting parents flittering in the background.

The series has always been about family. In Season 5 the show is now configured to present a fully realized Bishop family - Astrid included.

Anonymous said...

Olivia is in the background, everything Olivia used to do is being done by Etta, epi 1 and epi 2,

See the Walter liberation scene, Olivia was there for the look-out, she was the one taking action, now all for Etta and Peter.

Etta has diminished the importance of Olivia, and sad thing is the character is a (poor) copy of Olivia BAMF.

Etta did some crying with Olivia , but for the rest it was cold and distant, where Olivia always has been caring, had empathy, compassion, and a lot was going on in her eyes in her face.

and Olivia and Peter as parents etc, fine, but please with a normal aged daughter, not one a few years younger than the parents.
It would give them the same anguish , so 2016 setting would be the right one.

If you see the advance for 5.02 Etta is doing all the thinking and action and Olivia is the wise old parent.

As I said, Lincoln Lee was the boring nerd FBI agent who had to wear glasses, not to replace hunk action man Peter, Josh Jackson

Olivia Dunham is more or less replaced in action and being active by Etta.

I wonder how John Noble would feel if they would give him a younger sort of look a like Walter that does all the thinking and gets all the jokes, with nothing left for Noble but watch?

That is what they have done with Olivia, and in the last season, so bad decision.

Olivia Dunham has been created by Anna Torv, so her creation Olivia number 1 has been more or less model for Etta, with the idea that everyone would love her directly (compare the reception Anna got in the beginning),
and I am shocked really how much praise Georgina gets, without Olivia Dunham no one would feel or care for the character Etta.

It is the final season, no need to make Etta the most popular one ,

the focus should be on Olivia, Walter, Peter, with the support cast Nina, Astrid, Broyles, and Charlie would have been the right one to be back in the final season.

reaction to Old Darth who reacted on my first post.

Old Darth said...

Episode 1 set up the season. Not every character can be served equally.

Episode 2 MAY be Etta - to further establish her character.

Basing a whole episode on a preview is a shaky foundation to base a viewpoint on.

Check back after our episode 2 podcast and let's compare notes again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I'm an Olivia and Anna Torv fan, but the commentor seems to be in serious pain. However,as you said, Darth, we are barely one episode in. Let's reserve such big pronouncements until after the second episode, at least.

By the way, enjoyed the podcast. I'd like to welcome Jan to the Peter Olivia shipper team! Looking forward to your podcasts this season.

- Scully8

Frea said...

Anonymous, I based my Olivia is 35 theory not on Anna Torv's age, but on the fact that during the Bellivia arc, Olivia was listed as being 31 years of age. Add a few years to have, you know, a toddler, and bam, 35. It has nothing to do with Anna Torv's real age because if we based characters on the actors' real ages, Rizzo would be the greatest super senior ever (Grease jokes FTW!).

Also, I disagree with prettttty much every other point you made. :)

Old Darth said...

Thanks Scully8! I make it a point to let Jan know. It took 5 Seasons but she is finally a PO Convert!

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