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Fringe Teaser: Trust The Tapes

      Email Post       10/04/2012 02:26:00 PM      

Fringe executive producer Joel Wyman (‏@JWFRINGE) has given us a new Fringe teaser that shows a tape of Walter presumably addressing Olivia (or all the Cortexi-kids). It sounds like Walter says:
You were chosen for this. This is you destiny.
Is watching old VHS tapes how Walter will try to get his erased memories back?

FYI, There are no hidden images or reverse audio in this clip, but there is the not-so-hidden hashtag #TrustTheTapes. This was shown previously in the last Observer PSA post as well, but no further information has been revealed using that tag... yet.


Zort70 said...

Is there any mileage in investigating the interference pattern that appears a couple of times at the end ?

Image 1

Image 2

I'm on a small tablet so those are not very Clear but hopefully you can see what I mean.

Dennis said...

It's the same dots in both. I'm not sure what it could be - doesn't look like Morse code or Braille. Connect the dots?

Zepp said...

It really is a clip at least intriguing. Cause a thousand questions and inferences. Yeah, sounds like a recording technique of old VHS video tape, the 70, with noisy images. The question that comes to me, is to whom Walter was talking about? For a moment, it seemed to be the Walternate in his lab! Mystery ...

Zort70 said...

It may become clearer with another video, or it could just be noise.

I think file under the category of keep an eye on it for now.

Old Darth said...

I know many would be happy if only one would.

panda said...

@Old Darth


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