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Fringe Observer PSA: Wanted: Astrid Farnsworth

      Email Post       9/24/2012 11:36:00 AM      

Here is the latest Observer Protocol video, and this is another "All-Points Bulletin" (amber alert?), warning people to be on the lookout for "national security threat" Astrid Farnsworth.

FYI: There is also some reverse audio that sounds like Astrid saying "My God"

The small QR codes link to other Observer protocol videos, but the huge embedded QR code in the video points to a new "We're Not Loyalist" video.

Click the "Read more »" link to see the hidden images embedded in the video.

Fringe Season 5 starts THIS FRIDAY on September 28!


Lccf said...

Astrid ! Nice ! Let's hope it means she will have a bigger role this season !
Anyway, seeing which characters appeared in these videos, I'm beginning to think the Baldies only know that Peter and Astrid have been deambered, and don't know about Walter being back in the game, or else they'd be gunning for him first. Which means Broyles kept the info for himself ... and the rebellion has a huge ace in the hole !

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