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Observer Talk - The Bullet That Saved The World

      Email Post       10/30/2012 11:20:00 AM      

The events of this weeks episode are still rippling through the Fringe fan community, but I'm not going to touch on that in this article.

As in previous editions I want to talk about the use of the Observer language both seen and unseen in this episode, and elsewhere around the internet.

First to discuss is September's Notebook, not the one we have seen in the show, but the forthcoming book by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry.

The front cover of which has some observer writing and this translates to "a cautionary tale"

When we get into the episode itself there are lots of things to discuss, as there was much observer language in evidence, however a lot of the pictures here are actually obtained from people that were lucky enough to visit the location where filming took place.

Most of the images here have come from twitter user @fringeG33k who contacted me to share the images, but I have seen images posted by others from the same day.
There is a website with all the images however as a warning there is one image on there that I won't discuss, as it is the name of a firm that may well be used later in the show and could potentially be a small spoiler.
These first three signs from the episode are from inside the train station and are fairly standard signs, but note the spelling on the first and second signs.

Now this next sign was included in the episode but it was so small and brief that I had to search hard to spot it, but I'm sure there is no spolier contained within it so I think it is worth mentioning now.

You may be able to spot that on the first line of the sign the word "AREA" is spelled "AEA" and right at the end of the sign after the word "FINES" the observer version also randomly says "BYO" before the period / full stop character.
Next is a sign that was not seen in the episode but was visible during the filming, I did consider not discussing it but I don't consider it to be a spoiler and it would be a shame to ignore it.

It might not have made the cut as there are many inconsistencies on it or we may simply see it in a future episode.

I have translated each line and made some notes on each line.


Monorail Sta
tion Mall


Saion Shops ervices


Station News Bo

Inpired Diing



Station is split and Mall instead of Center
Monorail is spelled correctly this time

Monorail not spelled correctly, but different
misspelling than the sign above.

Station Shops & Services
(I assumed the s belonged to shops as it was not
uppercase for the start of Services)

O2 Bar not translated

Station News & Books

Inspired Dining

It would be unfair to criticise this sign as it wasn't used on screen and more than likely would have been there for only a moment, but it is unusual that this was created and then not used, even with the odd spellings and translations.

This sign and the previous one just show the lengths the Fringe production team will go to in order to make an observer invaded 2036 feel like a believable place.

There was also another computer screen to analyse, but as with all the computer language screens we have seen it doesn't make much sense, as far as I can work out it translates to -

wrt wrymrywhcv r?dd
Finally we have something slightly different from off screen, Ari Margolis, who posts as @Jonxproductions on twitter, creates the fantastic Fringe promos and has also posted many really cool Fringe pictures.

This picture of John Noble holding the latest hash tag was used to help promote the @Fringenuity twitter event for this week.

If you look where the arrow (added by me) is pointed you can see a new character for #, and this is my interpretation of what it looks like.

I haven't created a new language key for just the hash tag symbol so the information on the In Absentia Observer Talk post is still the most up to date.

Thanks for reading.


Zepp said...

Excellent, that his work, Zort70, and, as I will read, I notice how much he is thorough and highly interesting. I see it all as if it were a kind of translation, or attempt to read a kind of alien language, which somehow is. These symbols, this means writing "Aramaic", means "cuneiform", or even "Hieroglyphic" that invests in you translate, also transport me to another "world", which is undoubtedly the world "synthetic" of Observers. Very good, great!

Ah! Only one question, Zort70. The Latin would not be one of the bases of language, to make the translation of all this?

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