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Fringe Episode 503: "The Recordist"

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Happy Fringe Friday!
As the rogue Fringe team continues to fight off the oppressive Observers’ invasion, unforeseen events lead them into a forest where they encounter a strange subculture of people devoted to recording human history.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "The Recordist"?


45 said...

All right, people are constantly bragging away about Olivia and etta, HAVE THE WRITERS FORGOTTON THAT PETER IS ETTA'S FATHER? Or do they hate josh so much that they REFUSE to give him and Georgina any type of emotional scenes or "i look up to you" scenes? Or maybe this is the let's kiss Olivia's butt season?

@45 said...

all this whining must be exhausting

Anonymous said...

There has already been plenty of Peter and Etta scenes, and
Peter has a father in Fringe,so he has scenes with him.

Olivia has no parents, and mother-daughter has never been written about on Fringe, so 1 scene in a episode in season 5, finally.

BTW. in episode 2, last week we had Peter going on about his Etta love,
so now it was Olivias turn to talk about her inner turmoil and love fro Etta.

Beautiful acting by Anna Torv, only reason I keep watching.

45 said...

And all this Olivia hero worship and Peter bashing is also EXHAUSTING!!!!! Too bad you don't understand how frustrating it is watching people IGNORE every single thing Peter does on this show while people are putting on their Olivia colored glasses and ignore everyone else. You also don't get how Peter NEVER gets any type of monologue while Olivia gets all the big monologues and people just brag away while watching Peter say so little and it's usually never about HOW HE FEELS, it's always abou telling Olivia how perfect she is or watching people stop liking Joshua Jackson because of their unhealthly obsession with Anna torv. So, why did they bother bringing josh back? This is the last season and all josh has going for him is kissing Olivia's butt? What.the.heck.ever.

constantcoefficient said...

45. Please be quiet. No one said a damn thing to bash Peter or Joshua Jackson.

All you are is a troll, please just grow some integrity and do something to be proud of instead of harping on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Every week, 45's comments have become so predictable they're bordering on hilarious.=))

Zepp said...

I considered "The Recordist," a great episode, well within the current story line of Fringe. I had not a better sense of what was (and are being) this "Invasion of the Observers" had not even. With the unfolding of this episode is that I could feel the greatness of this event. Observers made an attack on us so brutal, like a great cataclysm, adopting the tactics of observing, destroy and take over, getting it so sudden. I could get a better sense of the state that things are now, with the final image of the episode, which appears the car with the Fringe team moving on a road surrounded by destroyed buildings everywhere and the environments totally lonely. I think a key point in the struggle against the Observers, would be a providential return of September, somehow, I think.

One of the largest time-of-scene in Fringe, with a dialogue between two people, I think, what happened in this episode, between Peter and Olivia when they were together in the car to get something. This almost long dialogue between the two was very enlightening for me, at some points, they were still unclear to me. First, it makes clear that Peter and Olivia be - or are - actually a couple, we love, and that is understood by minimum detail, already know the way to act and react, there is a good level of respect among two, one believes in each other and confide to each other, and this, naturally. In short, Peter and Olivia are in good relationship. And second, I realized that Olivia still feels he has lost his little Etta, as if he had died during the invasion of the Observers, seems that Olivia still not convinced or fully realized, that this beautiful and fearless woman to before him, is his daughter Etta. Peter is great both as a father, husband and when to call itself the responsibility to initiate and develop the team actions Fringe, now.

Fringe is getting better! And now even more so with Walter using those wonderful sunglasses, super style in year 2036.

Anonymous said...

Suplime-surot i agree with you about 45.I have never seen anyone act this way,on a such an extreme level and for so long.

milostanfield said...

On rewatch I tried looking at this story through the eyes of the young boy, a storyteller himself. The comics he drew paralleled what his father was doing with his library of us. One was preserving the source material for stories of us and the other was creating with it. And like the boy mythologized the Fringe team Etta also mythologized her own parents, fighting imaginary battles with them. Both used storytelling to fill in holes in their lives. The boy was born into a world with no heroes, no story, and on a path to extinction. And Etta filled in the hole of losing 21 years of her life with her parents, just as they have lost 21 years of their life with her. So storytelling fills in for both cultural and personal loss.


Lots of head shot scenes in this one. In a couple of them the camera just jumped or floated between 4 or 5 heads. I liked the scene where Peter brought up the restaurant and Olivia pretended to forget. Suddenly Etta came up on it and was fascinated by something that had happened in her parent's real life and between THEM, when she wasn't there. Her look reminded me of a child sneaking out of bed to hear her parents talking at the kitchen table. She also picked up that something both odd and fascinating was going on between them.


Fringe's visual style has changed to a graphic novel style over the seasons from an earlier, more realistic one. I didn't notice this until that rooftop scene early in 3.17 "Stowaway", but there may be earlier eps. That style fits nicely with 5.03, since it features graphic novels. Almost a graphic novel within a graphic novel effect.


Looks like the Bishop family is finally together as the scene with the stationwagon (not THE stationwagon but much like it) suggests. They "ride" off into a sunset very like the two grumpy old men rode off into at the end of 2.22 "Over There Part 1".


Liked the play fighting between Astrid and Walter. That look she shot him as he "took credit" for liberating the next tape. And "MINE! M-I-N-E!" They've switched since Season 4. Walter used to stay in the lab and "virtual" with Astrid and the team. And now she does. She may be helping run the Resistance before this is over. Just as long as no one calls her "Liaison".

Zepp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zepp said...


"Looks like the Bishop family is finally together as the scene with the stationwagon..."

you are right, after many setbacks, finally the Bishop family is reunited, fighting and ... surviving together. And that little scene at the end in which Olivia extends his hand under the car seat, and caresses the ankle of his daughter Etta, making her smile affectionately, huh? Sensational! But I can not stop to refer to those rocker sunglasses, stylish, Walter's glad, they are simply fantastic! Just what is missing, he is finding a Harley-Davidson,and travel by one of those lonely roads, straight ahead.

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