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FRINGE - Sneak Peek 2 - "The Bullet That Saved The World"

      Email Post       10/24/2012 03:33:00 PM      

Peter Has Doubts.

Between these two sneak peeks my excitement level is rising astronomically!


Unknown said...

Walter and Astrid look like a bunch of kids in a candy shop haha I want to watch more is it Friday yet excited about Etta teaching them to block the observers

Zepp said...

I'm reading some reviews on other websites, about a possible "death" in Fringe, and it will happen in this next episode, "The Bullet That Saved The World" (!) So I was thinking, who dies? Sadly I think that could be the Broyles (?), or Etta (?), or Peter, that explosion (?), or ... I dunno. But also, I'm pretty firm belief that, somehow, there will be a "return journey in time" to before moments, the start of the invasion in 2015, and at that time everyone will be "alive and well "to defeat the Badservers, and thereby saved once and for all the world. But, I'll wait - anxiously - to see what really happens ...

Beside that, also learned that in the universes of Fringe, "no one is dead, for a long time"!

Unknown said...

Like you thinking Zepp :-) yes thinking Broyles

PG said...

Walter's concern for Peter is almost overwhelming!!!

milostanfield said...

I usually don't bite on sneak peeks for fear of being spoilered, but I couldn't resist these two. Peter getting forcibly read: that must feel like suddenly having a bunch of angry hornets buzzing around in your head. And the baldies do it so casually. No wonder they see us as animals.

Remember the "apples, bananas, rhinoceros, Lucy In The Sky" dance Peter had with September way back in "The Arrival"? I used to think they knew what we were gonna say because they knew all of history. Now it's more like they see our thoughts bubbling up in our heads just before we consciously think to say them. What a violation.

So if they can predict big trends but can't predict our thoughts until they are just about to happen, AND Etta can teach her Jedi mind trick, we could have a big weapon.

Is Momlivia getting Peter a blanket? Loved that beat. This is gonna be fun!

Zepp said...

Yes, milostanfield, you are right, now they can only predict trends, but never what we thinking of doing. At another promo, one Observer, is a question for Peter?

- ".. What is Baseball? (And he asked that question, more like a disdain, or a provocation ...)

And Peter answered nothing, because it was just that he was "doing", ie make the Baseboll again a reality!

Now Observers, is experiencing its own reality, and not just ours. I think.

panda said...

Just a few more hours. :)

Unknown said...

Very excited Panda hope they haven't shown all the best parts on the preview

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