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FBI - Fringe Benefits Inc Podcast - Episode 5.02

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Frea, Jan, Lou, & Maximus get together after each Fringe episode in this temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast to discuss the Fifth & Final Season of Fringe.

Hey everybody!  Fringe is back and so are we!!!!  Woohoo!  Time to talk some Fringe.

Joining us are special guests:

Karen Lindsay from the FarScape - Scaper Chronicles & Castle - Storming The Castle Podcast

Janis Keating from the FarScape - Scaper Chronicles & Castle - Storming The Castle Podcast

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Intro Music: Intro - 'Lunatic Fringe' - Tom Cochrane

Exit Music: 'Olivia' - Chris Tilton

Agenda after the break.


1) Intros
2) Quick Thoughts 
3) RoundTable 
4) Ep Rating - out of 10 Genes

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Karen, Etta removed the device from her backpack which was over in the corner. I too thought she pulled it out of the desk, but it was her backpack.

Anonymous said...

Final season of Fringe, and they have spent more time telling the backstory and character of Etta than they did in 4 seasons with Olivia.

Olivia pilot had to close off from epi 2 to serve the Bishops, and except from a single episode here and there they never did a thing to show different sides of Olivia, like Anna Torv said herself ,

Olivia Dunham the great character is created by Anna Torv, through her brilliant acting.

Etta : now has real parents and family, who we know, and parents on a photograph,
we have seen her with a partner an entire episode , probbaly more scenes together (certainly more divers) than Olivia had with Charlie an entire season,
In episode 2 she gets in situations where they let her react to in various ways.

Etta had to act like Olivia (copy) in 419, as the viewer had to like her as much as possible from the start.
Contrast to Olivia, where people had a problem with, as introverted women are not liked,
but Anna Torv had to be the professional, as they were not going to give her the writing.

So Olivia is now the boring one, according to those who confuse getting an Active storyline with Acting.

Olivia has never been given a storyline that would deal with her past confronting Walter,
Olivia never had a chance to talk about her family, mother, father (not even his name), 3 lines about a stepfather taht abused her.

In the finale season 4 they had Olivia say the following:
I still am that little girl in that lab being used by Walter and Bell.
That is not what a female lead character should be saying after 4 seasons, she should have been confronting the bastard, as she was always the strongest.

Anna Torv was asked 2 weeks ago on set to define OLivias arc , she could not, only episodic,
Olivia has been brainwashed, when convenient
Olivia lost her memories when convenient
Olivia got them back when convenient
Olivia got abilities when convenient.

We have never been told how she grew up after her mother died, or when her mother was still alive,
Did you ever see a photograph of Olivia with her mother? Her father? any photograph except the one with Charlie?

I used to think that there was a reason for not writing for Olivia,

Now I realize they just did not want to, just as much as Wyman really does want to for Etta.

And everything that is said about season 5 by Wyman, it is certain that the role of Olivia is again the go-between,
where they could finally give her the active central story.

My final rant about how they wasted a great female character and with that underused a brilliant actress (luckily for Anna there was AltLivia, otherwise she would never had any credit).

Old Darth said...

You and 45 should get a room together.

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