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Fringe Observer PSA: Wanted: Peter Bishop

      Email Post       9/17/2012 03:16:00 PM      

Here is the latest Observer Protocol video, although this is more of an "All-Points Bulletin" (amber alert?), warning people to be on the lookout for "national security threat" Peter Bishop.

FYI, The embeded QR codes in the video point to the other two Observer protocol videos.

Click the "Read more »" link to see the hidden images embedded in the video.

Fringe Season 5 starts on September 28!


Old Darth said...


Zepp said...

WOW! The Peter as an individual being wanted, hunted by Observers, already sets the tone of the season approaching. The roles are reversed, who was a hunter before, now is the hunt!

Zort70 said...

Fantastic more observer language letters.

Here is my latest version of the translation key - Click here to view it

Lccf said...

There are probably other videos like this for Walter and Olivia ... I mean, if they're hunting Peter, they should be hunting the antimatter-bomb-making mad scientist and the potentially still superpowered FBI badass, shouldn't they ? Anyway, this season promises to be awesome, so far ...

Cerece Rennie Murphy said...


Anonymous said...

When played backwards, you can here Peter's voice in the middle but i cant make it out.


SissySiri said...

I hope he finds a fright wig and an eye patch somewhere.

45 said...

Typical, you have no compliments for Peter just those two overrated characters.

Anonymous said...


Go away TROLL.

Anonymous said...

Joshua, I miss you. Can't wait to see you again. :)

Anonymous said...



Lccf said...


I wasn't dissing Peter or Joshua. ( He probably has the toughest job of the three main characters, to make Peter interesting, and he's pulling it off well. ) I was just wondering why the Baldies would target him first. I mean, he's more than a capable scientist, but Walter is a genius. He's a capable fighter ( and shouldn't have needed Olivia's help against Jones ), but he's got no FBI training. Maybe he holds some vital piece of information ???

Old Darth said...

Or they are afraid he could find The Machine and use it to change things..... again. :D

45 said...

So they decided to give Peter a wanted video but according to a review, Walter and Olivia are the two most valuable characters. In other words, Peter will do absolutely nothing in the premiere. I can't wait until the Peter criticism and the Walter and Olivia love starts. I hate this show.

Paul said...

^^^^ ZzZz

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