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FRINGE: Now That Olivia Remembers Peter and Her Timeline, Is Walter Next? Josh Jackson Weighs In

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FRINGE: Now That Olivia Remembers Peter and Her Timeline, Is Walter Next? Josh Jackson Weighs In
 April 12, 2012 by Marisa Roffman

 Most fans of FRINGE’s Peter and Olivia were thrilled when she finally remembered her life from our original timeline (and Peter got confirmation he had been home all along), but there has been one key thing that has been missing — Walter’s memories.

True, Walter and Peter had a lovely moment in “Nothing As It Seems,” but it’s still not the relationship we spent three seasons growing to love. So when I sat down with Josh Jackson (Peter) on the FRINGE set last week, I asked him whether his character would now be trying to get his father to remember his past now that Olivia has finally “returned” to the right state of mind.

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Old Darth said...

Gloss over? Interesting considering that it has been the focus of much of the fan spec this season.

I'm cool with it if the story they are telling is interesting.

LittleWing said...

Joshua Jackson always tells the truth. I love that about him. It did seem sort of weird for Olivia to give up who she was for Peter. I don't think our old Olivia would have made that choice. Then again, I guess she did by insisting on not letting her memories of who she was (and Peter) go just because the timeline was erased. Amber Olivia said to Nina that she never felt like she'd found her purpose (don't remember the episode or exact quote), I guess that's because the original Olivia in her consciousness always knew the difference between the 2 timelines. Maybe she was just waiting for Peter to make the shift back to her old self. The cortexifan just helped that along.

45 said...

Lol, so amberolivia should have stayed who she was because choosing to give up her memories for Peter is so wrong and stuff. But where does that leave Peter then? When Peter had rejected Olivia for being like, you are not my Olivia, everyone was like Peter is so stupid, he is so dumb, she's your Olivia Peter! " so if Olivia had chosen her life then Peter was right to reject her and that all this bashing Peter had gotten was all for nothing.

It's funny though, the biggest complaints was I WANT OUR OLIVIA BACK! I Want Olivia to remember Peter! But when she does, people still whine.

And let me say this, why didn't anyone criticize Peter for choosing our Olivia and Walter over the parents who was waiting for his return for 25 years?

LittleWing said...

Not sure who you're really talking about or to in most of your "everybody complained" comments, but I thought Peter was smart to back away from Amber Olivia. Better to be safe than sorry.

I'm also very happy that Olivia finally remembers Peter. I just think Joshua brings up a good point about Olivia's overrall character and how you reconcile the choice she has made given who we've known her to be over the last 3 seasons. My post was an attempt to reconcile those two issues. I think in the end Olivia does chose herself (and Peter) because that's who she wants to be - that's who she was before the timeline was rewritten.

And Peter does choose the other universe in Season 2. He only realizes that he doesn't belong there because a) his father was trying to kill him and b) he has a whole life on the other side that includes a very lovely Olivia.

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