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EP's Joel Wyman & Jeff Pinkner LIVE Tweeting During 419-Josh Jackson Too!

      Email Post       4/20/2012 06:42:00 AM      

You've heard me say executive producer Joel Wyman is a frequent visitor to Twitter.
Especially lately, as he knows Fringe fans have been awaiting news of a renewal of the series for a 5th season.

Wednesday afternoon Joel dropped in and said he and co-showrunner Jeff Pinkner will be live tweeting
both airings of episode 419 this Friday night.

As icing on the cake, Josh Jackson tweeted a few hours later that he would be live tweeting also,
but only during the West Coast airing.

Say hello to Joel, Jeff, and Josh and shower them with praise this Friday night!

If you do not have a Twitter account you can easily make one at http://twitter.com/

Follow the 3 of them at these Twitter addresses:

@JWFRINGE  Joel Wyman
@JPFRINGE   Jeff Pinkner
@VanCity Jax   Joshua Jackson

(fo note:I wouldn't be surprised to see other Fringe alumni live tweet also such as Jasika Nicole,
Kirk Acevedo, Lance Reddick, Michael Cerveris, and Michelle Krusiec.)


Fringe Lover said...

WOO HOO so excited. I am only learning how to use Twitter for Fringe.

fringeobsessed said...

EXTRA! Ari Margolis just told me via Twitter he will also be LIVE tweeting during the east and west coast airings tonight!

That makes 4!!

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