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Fringe Observer in "Everything In Its Right Place"

      Email Post       4/06/2012 10:55:00 PM      

Observers make an appearance in every Fringe episode. In the Fringe episode "Everything In Its Right Place", one can be spotted watching the Fringe team, right before the sniper attacks.

You can see all of the other hidden appearances of Observers here.

Closeup of the Observer after the break:


Linda said...

On the latest Fringe episode there was a pendant with a stick figure, maze and a dot in the center that represented "home". Does anyone know what that was and where I could maybe purchase one?

Dennis said...

The "man in the maze" is a common Native American design, which represents the mischievous creator god I'itoi.

Hon3yb33 said...

The Man in The Maze is not commom to all Native Americans, it is the symbol of the TOHONO O'ODHAM that represents the journey of life. When you reach the center that is end of your journey.

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