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Separated At Birth: A Better Species

      Email Post       4/04/2012 10:58:00 PM      

Olivia Dunham, guided mutation, arm decorated with track marks.

Daniel Hicks, guided mutation, arm decorated with track marks.


constantcoefficient said...

Like :)


Zepp said...

I assume, Count Screwloose, that reading and understanding is totally free, for these two images. I see these two photographs, visually, a similar procedure, and, I assume, with different results. An induced mutation can be, or may not be. Olivia as a child is suffering, the action of several experiments with drugs and mental psychologically actions, as in Jacksonville with the Cortexiphan, as later in the immersion tank of Walter´s Lab, when he wanted to communicate with John Scott, or when she was kidnapped, was sedated, drugged, but then escaped from the lab of their tormentors, or even when stuck in alt-universe, and went through medical and scientific experiments in the hands of Walternate, now in this new context, it is undergoing application of medicines and drugs dark, under the "command" of Nina. Olivia, feels or sees visions of auras in people from other universes, they have some facility to teleport to other worlds, it is contact with other people's suffering Cortexiphan, and besides all this, it was she who set up the current Fringe team, in both contexts the story line of Fringe. Went through everything, to stand firm, even experiencing its own subtle changes in his personality, in this new context, and still find time to go in search of a love now remembered by Peter! All I can say, after this my attention, that if there is a big mutant, in the implacable universes of the Fringe, this is "our" Olivia Dunham, who is, for me, the unquestionable hero of Fringe!

Count Screwloose said...

Indeed, Zepp, you're free to place your own interpretation on them. I think it's interesting to think about what Olivia and the "Porcubeast" have in common. And, although I don't think you meant to suggest this, you've started me wondering whether it's possible that Olivia herself hasn't set into motion everything we've seen in the first place.

Zepp said...

On second thought, Count Screwloose somehow Olivia has something to do with all that is there. But I do not see Olivia as a cause, but as a effect, a benign type of effect, due to a single type of original cause, both for her and for the porcupines man. The origin of all this can be itself Walter, or Walter and Bell, why not? As can also be only the Bell, and then, as now, with the Nina, developed by this ultra-mysterious company Dinamics, I do not know ... These obscure scientific experiments to have a better species, seems very much to be a thing of ZFT, very Dinamics too, I think. The question is who will win between these two species lineages of humans super additives, or the porcupines men, or Olivia with their colleagues of Jacksonville.

cortexifan said...

I so totally missed that.

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