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Fringe Episode 420: "Worlds Apart"

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Happy Fringe Friday!

The teams on both sides fight on for a common cause, and there are shocking developments tied to the Cortexiphan children.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "Worlds Apart"?


pMaestro said...

Wow! I did not expect to be so moved by that final scene. Wow! Walter was right: I think I will miss the other side more than I will know.

ColonelBooster said...

I actually got weepy there at the end! To think those "other side" characters started off as (seemingly) villains. Walter's last line hit the nail on the head.

sarahlion said...

Ok obviously the glyph alive means Belly is coming back but from the preview of the next episode seems to infer that he's going to be a villain but why and also I found my self yelling at the TV "It's a trap" or the obvious answer to a problem and it seams to my that the writing of the characters not their personality but their intelligence has declined but maybe that's just me.

prissy said...

Well I don't understand how William Bell could end up bad! Unless its just a "God Complex" that he & David Robert Jones both have. I am always shocked at the endings, but I'm so sad thinking of next season being the end!

cortexifan said...

Dennis, maybe you can add a 10 to the poll. I think they possibly can't top the previous episode and then I totally get blown away.
Can we not give an Emmy to John Noble for the scene with "himself". I still have tears in my eyes from the end.
And the promo for next week!
Is it next Friday yet?

In the end I believed in hope!

pMaestro said...

The scene between Walter and Walternate was too amazing to even put into words, and even more so considering how much history the two of them share.

AND we now know why one of the glyphs in an earlier episode spelled DREAM ...

milostanfield said...

Two scenes haunt me from this wonderful episode, scenes that woke me up at 3AM; the scene between the two Walters sitting on the floor in the Bridge Corridor, and the scene of the Bridge Room, just after the separation, with half the room starkly empty, and the other half just our crew that we've loved and grown with from Season One.

How oddly fitting that one of the most emotional scenes in the whole series took place in that metal corridor, with all the ambience of a hanger bay, that we've panned/walked through so many times, intent on the journey to or from somewhere else. We've seen Walter sitting on the floor a few times, usually in a bad way. Then Walternate, Armani suit and all, comes in and sits down, joining him. This season Walternate has gone from being an implacable enemy to being in many ways Walter's better half. Then that "better half" reached out and touched Walter's arm, and forgave him for all he had done, to him, and to both worlds. Those worlds may now be separated by a machine, but that human touch will remain. Walter's tears could still be from remorse, but I truly hope that with that touch he has finally forgiven himself.

The separation of the two worlds was so personal, like watching one's partner die. We knew it was gonna happen as soon as Peter spoke up. Then we watched the buildup to the inevitable. That scene with the suddenly half empty Bridge Room reminded me of a face. Our faces are bilaterally symmetrical, but not quite. There are slight differences on each side that we pick up unconsciously and register, like a unique fingerprint, as a whole face. That's why the face we see in the mirror and the face we see in a photo are just a bit different. That scene made me feel like half of a face had been ripped away. I want to see that face made whole again.

Zepp said...

Yes, you all are right, this was a very emotional episode, which I enjoyed, too, no doubt. The drama was prominent for several moments during the course of the 20th episode, this great 4th season of Fringe, with emphasis, of course, during the meetings of "two" Walter, but in general appearance, all the characters in a way, also shone. John Noble, to me, is true giving "lessons" of interpretation. He differentiates between "two" Walter, with just a facial grimace, and ready. But there's a moment in this episode, for me, especially something almost magical, thick with drama and emotion, which is the scenes of "two" Walter, sitting side by side, almost on the ground next to a wall or door, to begin talking between one and on its other emotional pain, and the possibility of separation of each of your doppelgängers corresponding. It is a scene, artistically perfect, it also recalls some moments experienced by the drama of the separation of two people in a film directed by filmmaker genius, Charlie Chaplin, entitled "The Kid". I'm not a psychologist, but this scene, in my reading and understanding is as if each of the characters "Walter", were to lose touch with his "other self", his "other" consciousness, triggering a very personal emotion, intrinsically personal. And actor John Noble, was just amazing, perfect in its two performances in this scene, besides, of course, and especially the editor's job, along with the director of this emotional scene gifted to us, in this episode.

John Noble is deserving at least a nomination for the award "Emmy", it's been a long time, I think ... And, as I always say: Fringe is a piece of art unique.

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