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Fringe FBI Podcast Season 4 Episode 20

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Frea, Jan, Lou, & Maximus get together after each Fringe episode in this temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast to discuss the Fourth Season of Fringe.

' Worlds Apart '

'Character Moments Vs Plot Cohesion'  

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1) Intros
2) Episode Easter Eggs  
3) Quick Thoughts 
4) RoundTable 
5) Ep Rating - out of 10 Genes

Intro Music: Intro - 'Lunatic Fringe' - Tom Cochrane - Symphony Sessions
Exit Music: 'What's Going 'Round' - Buffalo Springfield

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milostanfield said...

Thanks all for another enlightening podcast. Everyone was in such a good mood! Season Five I guess.

Especially liked your thoughts about blue Olivia. I think what some of us are missing from her is the driven intensity she had in the earlier seasons: going into the tank, storming into Nina's office, fighting Walternate's brainwashing in early Season 3, doing whatever it took to solve the case. The "I'll do it!" Olivia. But much of that intensity stemmed from what was done to her early in life, and from what she lacked in her life. And she has grown and gained so much that some of that intensity has to go away. I'm just wondering what will replace it or make it return. It WILL be something. Torv's too good an actress not to write to, so I'm sure the writers will get to her. And some of her "drifting" right now may still be from the shock of the "has to die" revelation.

And I think the redverse will be back. Too much story potential there to just throw it all away. And there's no reason we can't have a story set in the redverse (or both) just because the Bridge is gone. We had that in Season 3 without the Bridge. The difference this time is that there's a "Bridge" or connection between people now, and that may prove stronger in the end than any wacko physics or evil plots.

And Max: maybe Fauxlivia will show up in Season 5 wearing glasses!

Frea said...

Milo, speaking on behalf of Max, we can only hope!

Also, because your comment calls for it: PHYSICS.

I'm very curious to see if she has to die because she gives birth to the person that makes the Observers possible. Maybe September's trying to stop something in its tracks. Hey, crazier things have happened.

Interdimensional Dave said...

Here's my scripted scenario for knowing the "Redverse" turns out all right.

Someone in the room says, "There's a rainbow outside" Olivia goes to the window to look and smiles. You can see her reflection smiling back, as the we are about to fade out you briefly catch Olivia's reflection turn into Altlivia's and she's smiling also.

And cut scene.

Like it?

Inter-dimensional Dave

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