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Fringe Teaser: #April20thIsTheNineteenth - Part #2

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Here is part 2 of a new Fringe teaser series "April 20th Is The Nineteenth". April 20th is the air date of the Fringe episode "Letters of Transit", which is the 19th episode this season (#419).
Your division is in charge of native crime. Would you rather I was in charge of native crime?.

There are hidden elements in this video, so "observe it closely"!

Head over to to see select screenshots of the video.

Click "Read More" to see some of the Easter eggs

There is some reverse audio at the beginning. It sounds like:
"He died, agent"
Part two of the hidden URL has been revealed:

When added to the first part, we get:


fringeobsessed said...

Yes, and it's definitely gonna be the link to a YouTube posting!

realged13 said...

Wish there was a way to find the private video lol.

Anonymous said...

Just a theory:

If we are going to get a glimpse of the "future" where the observers come from, and it is a world without freedom and joy and private thought and all the other things suggested by the teasers, maybe we will finally understand why September keeps on interfering when it comes to Peter and Olivia and Walter right now (and maybe, in their language, the "natives" are in fact us).

It's probably because he doesn't want the future to be a world without these wonderful things, and if he did interfere, the future could be happier and all in all a better place to be in. With Peter in the picture and forevermore un-erased (unless someone kills him, of course), the future/time/place where September and the rest of the observers come from would be a whole lot different.

Dave Thompson said...

All the recent talks about "evolution of humans" through genetic manipulations might give a glimpse about some kind of rift between "evolved humans" like Observers and "natives".

Can't wait for 4/20

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