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Fringe Teaser: #April20thIsTheNineteenth - Part #3

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Here is part 3 of the Fringe teaser series "April 20th Is The Nineteenth". April 20th is the air date of the Fringe episode "Letters of Transit", which is the 19th episode this season (#419).
Agents, what seems to be the matter?

No matter, we're just heading out of town.

I trust you have papers

There are hidden elements in this video, so "observe it closely"!

Head over to to see select screenshots of the video.

Click "Read More" to see some of the Easter eggs

There is some reverse audio at the beginning. It sounds like:
"What are you doing agent?"
Part three of the hidden URL has been revealed:

When added to the first part, and the second part, we get:
That means there are 5 characters to go, so good luck trying to guess it before the next teaser is released!


Zort70 said...

Technically that is part 3 of the URL !

Interestingly I played around with the partial URL and found that

is a valid URL I just can't see the video.

If I use Heed and Obey then the URL is reported as malformed.

Dennis said...

Well, as you know with YouTube, you don't get to pick the URL, so it is extremely unlikely that it would be an actual word.

In fact, given that there are numbers and letters, there are 992,436,543 combinations for the five remaining characters (63^5).

You have a better chance at winning the lottery...

Zort70 said...

If you look at it the other way what are the chances of a valid, completely random, URL having a word in it relating to the three videos ?

I know you can have custom URL's with Vimeo so maybe Youtube are introducing them for special clients ?

Anonymous said...

So the blond at 3 seconds looks like one of the 2 new female characters being introduced in the last part of the season.

6586EB56A30DE87EA said...

i see desmond hume

jdelprete said...

seems as though hes still traveling through time...haha

Em said...

What I really want to know is what are these dimounds about? they've been in every trailer, with a different colour each time, is this saying something about the colour of the universe in 2036?

Anonymous said...

Part 1 had blue diamonds too. So far, they were blue, amber, red and cyan. What would be these colors de-negativized?

I also noticed that the "NO" frames became "NO HOPE". Any ideas on what this may mean?

Anonymous said...

I know what's going on here.. scientology has taken over in 2036!! Lol..

Zort70 said...

Well it seems I was definitely wrong about the URL

@JONXProductions (Ari Margolis) tweeted this -

@katherinejoycey @dublawgal @zort70 I don't think you figured it out...


@katherinejoycey @dublawgal @zort70 Once you have it, you'll know...

msLizN said...

@Zort70 what was Ari referring to when he said he doesn't think you have it figured out?

Sounds like he's trying to just be cryptic, obviously once we have the URL we'll know what we'll have cos we'd see the video for ourselves.
I think we're on the right track looking out for parts of the link.

Btw the reason why heed and obey cave a malformed URL is because the URL need 5extra characters to be valid as a youtube link; heed and obey only count for 4.

@fringelover lol it sure seems like it

Zort70 said...

@LizN yes you are probably right about Heed and Obey.

Ari was refering to the URL + serve that I posted above, it was a direct reply to that tweet.

I still don't know if we should be searching for the URL or waiting for the fouth part.

It might be cool if the rest of the URL is in the episode and we have to spot it.

The fourth part of the video could be a follow up rather than a teaser.

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