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Fringe 419 Preview: "Letters Of Transit"

      Email Post       4/13/2012 10:11:00 PM      

Here is the preview from the end of "The Consultant" for the Fringe episode "Letters Of Transit", which airs on FRIDAY, April 20th at 9:00PM on FOX.

Screenshots from this preview can be viewed at


bryan said...

i cant freakin wait

jdelprete said...

I kinda feel like everyone looks a little older, except for peter...and no Olivia! Can't wait to see how this is set up!! With you bryan

TeddyWhazz said...

I knew something was up with the observers! September and August are the only good ones in my book (except for nameless backround lurkers)
A.k.a Teddy Whazz

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is how September got shot?

milostanfield said...

The preview, along with the other 4.19 videos, have a very "1984" look and vibe to them, with Big Brother in a fedora. Didn't see "Love is Hate" or "War is Peace" flash across the screen, but it woulda fit right in. The new credit sequence is beautiful (and blue)!

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