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Fringe Teaser: #April20thIsTheNineteenth - Part #4

      Email Post       4/17/2012 01:57:00 PM      

Here is part 4 of the Fringe teaser series "April 20th Is The Nineteenth". April 20th is the air date of the Fringe episode "Letters of Transit", which is the 19th episode this season (#419).

Shoot First. ???? ????

We don't just have to accept our fate, we can fight back

????? ????? observers.

There are hidden elements in this video, so "observe it closely"!

Head over to to see select screenshots of the video. (available later tonight)

Click "Read More" to see some of the Easter eggs

There is some reverse audio at the beginning. It sounds like:
Part four of the hidden URL has been revealed:

When added to the first part, and the second part, and the third part, we get:
This "hidden" video reveals the new title sequence for episode 419!

Head over to to see screenshots of every frame of this video. (available later tonight)


pMaestro said...

Wow! That looks like Milo Stanfield (or someone like him) at 0:12. Cool!

Daniel said...

Amazing credits!

Christine said...

At the end there, it sort of sounds like someone is saying "The observers are shapeshifters"

Unknown said...

I figured out the broken-up URL throughout the 4 promos...

(Link contains a video of 4x19's opening titles. VERY different!)

Anonymous said...


Dennis said...

LOL, the URL and video are also in this post... :)

aydee said...

I believe there's a phrase at the beginning that says "I'll read the manual". ZFT??

A few other things to research on Wikipedia:

Brave New World
Posthumus Future
Ethereal Plane
Reality Warping
The Seahorse from The Bishop Revival
Nazi's investigating the Fountain of Youth

Mosaic_Hyde said...

With the appearance of the words SERVE, OBEY & HEED in the teasers for episode 19 on the 20th, we seem to be given a new set of observer glyphs. Let's see if our familiar glyphs will be set aside for at least this episode and perhaps the fifth season by our new overlords. I've started the revolution by juxtaposing the messages and the apparent matching glyphs.

msLizN said...

@Christine if what you're hearing is correct, it'd be a mindblowing concept, and it sort of makes sense, the newer shapeshifters are half human half machine and the more they evolve they'll eventually become more machine? and thus void of emotion. And as they are stronger, they'll survive longer till eventually there are less humans for them to replicate and so shapeshifter characteristics become generic hence bald ala observer... it all fits.

I'm so excited for this episode. It's gonna be epic

Anonymous said...

@Dennis. Lol. When I clicked on the comment link, it automatically takes me down to where you comment and you only see the last comment unless you scroll up. Course I was too excited to even notice and didn't notice til after I saw it on youtube and made my comment and . But thank you Dennis as well. :)

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