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Vote For Fringe In The E! "Save One Show" Poll - Final Round!

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E! Online is running their annual Save One Show event, which gives you a unique chance to help rescue your favorite endangered series from the evil clutches of cancellation. Here is an explanation of how it works:
After we get our winner, we announce the show to save on E! News and on E! Online, and then we take your message directly to that network. The powers-that-be will get your message loud and clear. And in the past decade, we've successfully help rescues shows like Felicity, Angel and One Tree Hill. When we get down to the finales, we even get the stars of the shows involved, and the outcome is always amazing.
UPDATE: Fringe has made it to the final round of voting, but it will need a lot more votes to overcome the current front runner "Body Of Proof". There is still plenty of time to catch up, since polls don't close until Sunday, April 29 at 5 p.m. PT. So tell your friends, and vote often!

E! Online: Save One Show: Vote for the winner!


Dave Thompson said...

35.1% Body of Proof
33.0% Ringer
11.5% Nikita
9.7% Fringe
6.9% Community
3.9% Cougar Town

Seriously? We can't get more than that? People seriously need another medical procedural show?

I don't want to live in this universe anymore.

nomsasplace said...

I wait religiously every Friday night waiting for Fringe. I know it had two missteps but I saw them get back to the Fringe we all love. It is one of the most ambitious shows on tv and its presented in a way that it is something that could be believable. After all in the great scheme of things we really have no idea of what is possible, the sciences' and educators claim they know but they are giving us there best guess, and their ideas about things are formed as children the same as us. We need more challenging tv instead of all this blood and guts.

Unknown said...

my husband and I love love Fringe, it's our Friday night show, we're so sad it's ending :((

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