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Fringe 418 Preview: "The Consultant"

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Here is the preview from the end of "Nothing As It Seems" for the Fringe episode "Everything In Its Right Place", which airs on FRIDAY, April 6th at 9:00PM on FOX.

Screenshots from this preview can be viewed at


Anonymous said...

So Broyles blows up the Wave Synch System I take it. So much for Walternate de-ambering his world.

Anonymous said...

Remember season 3, Oliva is the fail safe and the lock pick. She can turn off the machines if in her current state she can remember how she did it. Also remember Walter made Peter an interface for the machine. I am more intrested in what DRJ wants with the machine and why Broyles is helping him. It does not look like Broyles is a changer.

emy26 said...

oh my god i think i understand what happened. the guy that they thought had come to kill the shapeshifter keenan or whatever his name was, wasn't actually there to kill him, but to kill alt-lincoln. because when the hitman returned to alt-nina i think he was talking about alt-lincoln when he said he had good news and she said "now we just need for him to..." and she didn't finish, but i think she was about to explain how alt-lincoln would now become a shapeshifter , cause remember our lincoln proved that all those people who were dead, where then walking around the streets as shapeshifters so i think that's what they were trying to do with alt-lincoln; make him a shapeshifter. also alt-nina knew that it was keenan that had given their location, so if the hitman was talking about him, alt-nina wouldn't assume that he was the one to betray them.

Dennis said...

Here is what happened:

Canaan was a rogue shapeshifter. Nina wanted to take him out because he had fallen off-the-grid. Nina sent a hitman to kill Canaan, but Fauxlivia was able to kill the hitman with one shot, since she has an Olympic medal in marksmanship. Lincoln gives Canaan the "you're not just somebody's broken puppet anymore" speech. Canaan shapeshifts into the dead hitman an infiltrates Massive Dynamic and tries to distract Nina while the Fringe team raids the building. But Nina figures out that the hitman is actually Canaan and makes a run for it. That is why, when Lincoln takes Canaan to the other side to let him go, he looks like the hitman.

aydee said...

Interesting...Broyles and the Machine. Can't wait to see what happens with that!

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