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Fringe Episode 418: "The Consultant"

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Walter travels to the Alternate Universe to assist in the investigation of a Fringe event with ties to both worlds. Meanwhile, David Robert Jones reveals his next target.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "The Consultant"?


Anonymous said...

Instead of altBroyles being a SS, how brilliant to make his betrayal an agonizing personal choice of saving his son. In the end, I knew he would do the right thing, "What shall it profit a man to save his own son and lose a universe?" (Apologies to Mark and Luke.) Though Mina-less MD and/or Walter I'm sure can replicate the serum. And it reflected back Walter's own original dilemma, except in his case he didn't conceive the damage he'd do. I don't see how aB is ever released after a major accomplice in the murder of 5 people. Maybe Faux could break him out, making a nice bookend. Speaking of.... where's Henry? Anna's not the only one in love with Faux. Tremendously poignant scenes with her and Lincoln and now Walter. The show is really hitting on all cylinders now. Keep it up guys and gals. Either get us more episodes or go out with a bang.

Zort70 said...

The question is was it DRJ's intent all along for him to turn himself in ?

Did he know that Broyles could only be pushed so far and so was counting on the device not being attached to the machine.

Ron said...

Why is Alt-Lincoln mother at her son funeral ?
She's supposed to be dead according to the discussion both Lincoln had in the previous episode.
(Also Alt-Lincoln father was dead in the first timeline)

Did I missed something ?

Candice said...

DRJ has his fingers into everything. so it could be that he wanted broyles to surrender himself. But to be honest i get the feeling that this isn't the case at all. I think Broyles went against DRJ's wishes. His son no longer needs the drug that was curing him (I don't think anyways) so broyles has no reason to play along anymore. It did suprise Nina that broyles was in jail with her though. She looked worried. I think DRJ is done with both of them for the time being, if not completely. Pawns all of them. I'm liking the developing relationship of Lincoln and Alt-livia though. I think the only reason the writers put our Lincoln over to the Altverse was to brew that relationship. They may not get to become what Peter and olivia are in our verse, but it'll be something like it... maybe just a budding romance. I mean there isn't any other reason for our lincoln to be over there... he can't be with our olivia so he went looking for his own.

I also think that DRJ is continuing is attempt at destroying both verses like he tried to do in the first season. He doesn't remember the original timeline so i bet he's back at it again. this time he's not pulling any punches. I think the observers are involved with this as well in some way, but i can't figure out how yet. Why would the observers cast September out like they did this season, unless september was either in cahoots with the bad guys or he was attempting to STOP the other observers from doing something they shouldn't. This is why I'm interested in watching this coming weeks epi... Who are the observers really.....? And do i see the potential of a Peter/Olivia baby? (the blonde adult female Peter hugs in the promo) or is that the Ella character? i wanna say it's a Polivia baby.. cause I'm a sap. lol

Larry70455 said...

DRJ is a good guy. I am like so sure of it.

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