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'Fringe': Josh Jackson and John Noble talk Season 5 and the Peter and Walter dynamic

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'Fringe': Josh Jackson and John Noble talk Season 5 and the Peter and Walter dynamic
By Carina Adly MacKenzie

April 13, 2012 4:36 PM ET

"Fringe" fans are used to seeing the dynamic between our favorite characters shift suddenly and dramatically -- and while it's always fun to explore new versions of old friends, we've found ourselves missing that old banter between Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Walter (John Noble) this season.

"We had to fight to get the old dynamic back," Noble told Zap2it when we caught up with him at the opening of Warner Bros' Television Out Of The Box exhibit at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. "As characters, and as people, because Josh and I love playing it."

Now that Peter knows he's been home this entire time and that Walter and Olivia are his Walter and Olivia, Jackson tells us that Peter will continue to grow more comfortable with his father. "So far as Peter's concerned, these are all his people now. All of the barriers between Peter and Walter should then be removed," Jackson says. "Even though Walter has to come out of his shell, still, a little bit, there's no reason for that father-son love to not be there. It's not the central portion of our story toward the end of the season, but he and I love doing it, and it's a good portion of the story."

"The payoff is really there at the end of the season," Noble says, promising a more familiar relationship between father and son. "You do see that again."

Speaking of fathers and sons -- Jackson promises that fans are about to see the fall-out from the revelation that Peter had a son. "You're about to find out," he teases, with a very sly look on his face. (Seriously, just watch the video below.) You won't want to miss tonight's new episode at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.

Fans are anxiously awaiting news as to whether "Fringe" will be returning after this year for Season 5. "There are a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings out there, between us and FOX," Noble says. "I know that the FOX executives love the show. It's just a matter of business, and it's very close, because we're an expensive show."

Read Carina's entire Zap2it post here.


Roneo said...

I really, really, really need to get back the father-son relationship, and Walter's memories, if as it seems, we are staying for ever in the rewritten timeline (aren't we?).

And can't wait for the "fall-out" about baby Nugget. Come on, they just couldn't erase him like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually ok with Walter's missing memories. I feel that his transition from not having Peter in his life to having him back, was pretty seemless. He was a broken man before and now he's not. The rest is pretty irrelevant and mostly dealt with cases and facts he probably wouldn't want to remember anyway. (Though I wish he had gotten that white tulip!) Even the few months or years he spent with the young Peter he saved were painful and only reminded him of his wrongful doing. And it also saved him the constant worry of loosing his son again as was the case over the last 3 seasons. In fact, I only see them picking up where they left off, which is a time when they've already built their strong father-son relationship and all differences had been put aside.

As for baby Henry, I'm curious to know if Peter or someone will reveal that he had a son with Fauxlivia and that was part of why the timeline was reset. Either way, I really do think he is completely nonexistent (as he should be!) bc I really think they're going to have a daughter instead! Otherwise, it just defeats the purpose of the outcome of the machine.

Roneo said...

"Otherwise, it just defeats the purpose of the outcome of the machine."

Yeah, I guess that "universal correction" was the aim of erasing Peter. But I still like too much the story we were told in the first three seasons, mistakes and all, and I feel a little sad about it not being more than a Peter and Olivia's memory. As much as I'm right now enjoying this new path.

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