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Fringe Episode 417: "Everything In Its Right Place"

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Lincoln travels to the other side to join forces with Bolivia and his own alternate, as they search for a vigilante with a surprising connection to the shapeshifters.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "Everything In Its Right Place"?


Melissa said...

I understand why they did what they did, but I am so tired of mourning over some of my favorite sci-fi characters! When they killed Charlie that pretty much crushed me. Now the alternate universe doesn't have a Charlie or a Lincoln. What happened to the other guy that was a part of their team initially?

Dennis said...

The other guy was Alt-Charlie. He got married to the "bug girl", and was on his honeymoon at the beginning of the season. There is no indication that he is dead, he just hasn't been on the show this season.

fringeobsessed said...

I really think Alt-Charlie AKA "Scarlie" will show up again before the end of the Season 4 finale.

This was a very interesting episode tonight.
Alot of different undercurrents, and a heavy dose of deja vu from episode 304.

kevox said...

So how come (alt) Colonel Broyles corrected Lincoln when he called him Agent Broyles - but when (alt) Astrid speaks to him at the end, she calls him Agent Broyles and he doesn't correct her?

Dennis said...

It may be because Broyles likes Astrid, and he wouldn't talk down to her like that. But Lincoln from the other side, who is there stirring up trouble, he has no reason to be nice, so he puts him in his place.

It could also just be a continuity error...

Dennis said...

In case it is not clear to anyone about what happened at the end of the episode:

Canaan was a rogue shapeshifter. Nina wanted to take him out because he had fallen off-the-grid. Nina sent a hitman to kill Canaan, but Fauxlivia was able to kill the hitman with one shot (she has an Olympic medal in marksmanship). Lincoln gives Canaan the "you're not just somebody's broken puppet anymore" speech. Canaan shapeshifts into the dead hitman an infiltrates Massive Dynamic and tries to distract Nina while the Fringe team raids the building. But Nina see the security breach and figures out that the hitman is actually Canaan, so she makes a run for it. That is why, when Lincoln takes Canaan to the other side to let him go, he looks like the hitman.

SheHateMeBro said...

I'm concerned for Alt-AStrid. I think she figured things out and was confronting SS-Broyles at the end.

milostanfield said...

Dennis: thanks for the shapeshifter synopsis. I had to rewatch immediately after air to sort that out.

Was that Massive Dynamic (in the redverse) that was raided? I don't remember that being shown or stated explicitly, but I may have missed it. I just assumed it was another Jones off-the-grid facility. MD involvement would make sense as something big (Observers maybe?) must be financing major projects in 2 universes. Not the sort of thing one can do with a couple of trips to the hardware store.

Also, is Meana the head of a red MD? At least she is in custody now, and with another redverse ep coming up we may get quick answers.

It looks like the noose may be tightening around Colonel Broyles. Will it be Alt-Olivia or Alt-Astrid holding the rope? I think Broyles is still human but somehow coerced or compromised by Jones, and that he will do the right thing in the end like he did when he helped Olivia escape in S03.

ACJ said...

First off, I loved this ep. My favorite take-away is that 1) Linclon likes Redlivia because it's an Olivia that remembers him and 2)while they never finished talking about what made the two Lincolns different, I believe it was meeting Olivia, and that she gave him the confidence to "be a better man".

Regarding Alt-Broyles, I have to wonder whether he is doing this against his will. It's obvious that he doesn't want his team hurt, so I'm hoping he goes rogue in the next few eps to fight DRJ again now that their interference cost alt-Lincoln his life.

Also, wow, I can't believe how emotional this episode felt, I'm shocked that I almost cried for Alt-Lincoln, and Redlivia's loss, they haven't been able to get me like that since the season 3 finale killing Olivia. This one absolutely merits a rewatch (or 3), there's so much going on. Can't wait for next Friday!!

cedrico said...

Just gonna throw this one out there but does anyone else think that Alt Lincoln was (with the help of Colonel Broyles?) killed and replaced with a shape shifter to keep an eye on Fauxlivia???

I have watched the episode twice and i know that when Lincoln was with Canaan on the bridge it appeared that they crossed over he was dressed in a shorter casual jacket with a blue tie but when 'Lincoln' speaks with Fauxlivia at the end he is wearing a black suit jacket with a black tie? obviously some time may have passed between these two events but i cant stop thinking that Alt Lincoln was switched and made to look like our Lincoln.

Alt Lincoln said earlier that he has "been blown up before, this is nothing" and he looked like he was going to make it, also he was probably getting in the way of whatever Colonel Broyles is planning and this was a gooder opportunity than any to remove him and to keep tabs on Fauxlivia before she finds out the truth?

Maybe i will be proved wrong next episode but wanted to share my theory with you guys.

wetcat said...

cedrico- while I doubt your theory (seems like too complex of a mess to put in at a time when suspense needs to be building and driving toward a concluding act), there was another continuity error/hint that needs pointed out. blue nerdy Lincoln was wearing one of the red-verse's ear clips in the later scenes.

This was one of my favorite episodes this season. While nerdy Lincoln struck me as a slightly creepy opportunist when the other Lincoln died, of course he has a need to be needed. He just didn't fit in or maybe even belong on his original side, but on the red side, he has a role and feeling of important purpose. I think he is in his right place now. The deceased Lincoln had his chance and I wasn't too sad- I realized he was going to be the one 20 minutes before he was shot and accepted it. Grief well-acted and written, as expected.

Anonymous said...

If alt!Lincoln is really dead, his has to be the worst death EVER in TV. We don't see how he got shot, we don't see a proper death scene and so.

This didn't happen with Charlie, alt!Broyles, future!Olivia or even Nick Lane, so it's suspicious to say the least. In Tumblr people are saying that he faked his own death to uncover the mole (though I'm not very sure how they would do that) and in the end scene the Lincoln who takes the shapeshifter to the blue!verse and the one who talks to Olivia are not the same. Wishful thinking, maybe, but maybe not.

I only say such a crappy death would be a big disservice to the caracter. Awful.

(sorry if I made some mistakes, English is not my 1st language)

pMaestro said...

wetcat, actually that was not a continuity error. When Agent Lincoln Lee entered the car with Fauxlivia to go after the shapeshifter, he is seen putting on the ear clip. Right after that, Fauxlivia receives a call from Alt-Astrid about the whereabouts of the shapeshifter. It's a really quick scene so it's not surprising that people missed it.

Zepp said...

Well, I'm really enjoying the Fauxlivia. She does more of what "our" Olivia had before: decision and initiative, of action. The Fauxlivia, or Red-Olivia (red hair), to me, after "two" Lincoln, she was my favorite character, of this great episode.

With respect to Canaan, I see that is created a new caste of shapeshifters, and the item emotion as affective memories and attachment to people with more "close" are more prominent, more so for the "human", I see. But on the other hand, I think Mr. Jones would not create a new shapeshifter, as few as one element to be "nice", to "do good". I think the Canaan, despite their benign appearance, I assume that is something even far more lethal in terms of this race of shapeshifters 2.0, we know. I think the Canaan, somehow, is or should be, Mr.Jones, or rather, it would be an extension of Mr.Jones, a body of shapeshifter, greatly enhanced and super deadly. Cannan, a creation of the sinister Mr. Jones, that sounds to a be a weapon, unknown and truly terrible, I think.

I also think, as cedrico, that the alt-Lincoln is not dead. I find it very weak, the alt-Lincoln, died in a missed shot, so I think that is not well explained, but... As I also think that the alt-Astrid, knows everything, has for some time, the "Colonel Broyles," is in some way, working for the enemy, just hope she is not involved, too.

Fringe is getting better! Go, Fringe, for the 5th season, go!

pMaestro said...

Did anyone else notice how they made up Meana in this episode to resemble Fauxlivia, especially with that new hairdo? I never made any connection to Fauxlivia's red hair with Ni/Meana until I saw Meana tonight. Gives a whole new meaning to the mother/daughter relationship, doesn't it?

GiggleQ said...

I AM IN CHINA.I GET A POOR ENGLISH.I JUST WANT TO KNOW . IS THERE HAVE SEASON 5? IN CHINA ,EVERY SAT. OUR FRINGE FAN WAIT THE SHOW ,WAIT THE "SHUROU" ,IT MEANS Cooked meat,THE FRINGE WITH chinese subtitles . we love it . we do not hold, if the day we will never seen olivia,peter and walter. my email hope every fringe fan good luck.
I don t know , do you understand me ,understand
the fan live in the other side of the world.

JonasSH said...

GiggleQ - Season 5 is not confirmed yet, we are still hoping it will be though.

Google translated:

Unknown said...

How come Alt Broyles right eye is messed up and blue after Peter creates the bridge, then in later episodes (S04E17) his eye is normal again?

Unknown said...

How come in previous episodes after Peter creates the Bridge the Alt Colonel Broyls who is working for David Robert Jones has a messed up right eye colored light bluish/white, but in this episode (S04E17) his eye is normal?

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