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      Email Post       7/17/2008 11:05:00 PM      

There is a new Fringe website at (also

The main site loops a few of the trailers, has a banner promotion for Fringe at Comic-Con 7.26.08 across the top, and at the bottom of the page the leaf, frog and apple glyphs serve as a menu of sorts.

The leaf leads to a "Clue" registration page where you provide your name, email, birth date and agree to the terms in order to:

Register to receive the first clue via email.

The clue will be sent on Saturday, July 26 at 6pm PST.
The apple leads to a "Sweepstakes" registration page where, after repeating the registration process above and agreeing to the rules, you:

Enter the sweepstakes for a chance to attend the FRINGE premiere party in New York.
The frog glyph opens the official site for Fringe on in a new window.

So what do you think the "first clue" is all about? Is it officially an ARG for Fringe?



damiangarcia92 said...

I'm so gonna be apart of this ARG! Fringe looks awesome!

tallone said...

great....this will be a blast!

Anonymous said...

And so it begins...Ed, Dennis, keep your eyes peeled my friends, and thanks for the tip!

prowse said...

You might want to change the links or make them null, as has taken down the finge-ID'd sites you mention here.

Dennis said...

Thanks, I have updated the links.

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