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Roberto Orci Talks Fringe

      Email Post       7/30/2008 01:37:00 AM      

Word out of Comic-Con is Roberto Orci has a way with the ladies. Or maybe it's the ladies have a way with Roberto Orci?

Anyway, Orci talks about conception, Massive Dynamics and Joshua Jackson with BuzzSugar:

Last year, when Orci, JJ Abrams, and Alex Kurtzman were at Comic-Con [2007] to launch Star Trek, they were also kicking around ideas for a new TV series they hoped to do together. "We actually ended up staying an extra night here because we were so close to figuring out the exact story for Fringe," Orci said. "We like to say that the show in a way was conceived here."


For those who have now seen the pilot, a few teasers from Orci to keep you coming back: We might find out more about Peter (Joshua Jackson) and his childhood — things maybe even Peter doesn't know. We might meet the head of Massive Dynamic, the maybe-good, maybe-evil corporation at the center of the story. And, despite Abrams's promises that Fringe won't be as confusing as, say, Alias, every episode will drop a little clue of some sort for the next.
Orci goes on to reveal that Fringe takes some of its inspiration from 50s sci fi comic books and that a year later they're back at Comic-Con to get feedback from bloggers. Read the full article at BuzzSugar.

NiceGirlsTV also scored a Roberto Orci exclusive where he summarizes what Fringe is about in 12 seconds, and talks about the female lead character FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, played by Anna Torv.


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