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Fringe Swag from Comic-Con

      Email Post       7/28/2008 11:11:00 PM      

PostLarval from Unfiction sent over these photos of all the FRINGE swag he collected during the Comic-Con scavenger hunt.

The items include a Fringe T-shirt, Imagine Ginger Ale (I haven't had some in a long time. I miss it.), an Apple, a Fringe notepad with a lenticular cover, a Fringe bag, a leaf clue with a black light keychain, and various other clue cards. Thanks PostLarval!


Anonymous said...

Man ! I wish I was there to snag myself a t shirt. Not meant to be I guess. I found Fringe stuff from a fan. unofficial but still good quality. I guess It will just have to do. I love the ginger ale angle "Root beer float, delicious"

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