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      Email Post       7/24/2008 03:08:00 PM - The FRINGE Wiki JJ Abrams TV Show Fox is now open!

Fringepedia is a fan-run FRINGE Wiki, modeled after the very popular wiki for LOST, and of course Wikipedia. If you are familiar with Lostpedia or Wikipedia, you will feel right at home.

New content is being added every day, by fans just like you. Anyone can edit Fringepedia, just sign up for an account to begin.

BTW, Fox has also launched their own Official corporate wiki at


Edward said...

Done. First order of business, borrow a few ideas for my user page.

Nice work by the way Dennis. I think Lostpedia set the bar and it's what people inclined to use and contribute to a tv series wiki expect to find.

tallone said...

wow you guys are really up on things.

Capcom said...'s a Good Thing. :o)

Edward said...

Indeed. Be there if you're square.

Anonymous said...

Well, I did my part. I added a Clues and Interesting Information section on the website page, so we can keep track of what websites had what clues. I included most of the information we currently have, so Dennis, if your reading this, look at it and tell me how I did? This was my first time doing something like that.

Edward said...

That's a good start Pwn Master Paladin. If I may suggest, however, I think an "Imagine the Impossibilities" entry akin to The Lost Experience would be a better place for content of that sort.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice Edward, once Comic-Con roles around and we hopefully get some more clues, I'll reorganize it.

tallone said...

there's another site called Fringe Wiki that's doing clue tracking..will you be doing a side blog of the clues? oceanic conspiracies on the lost may want to seperate Fringe news from the clues. but definitely tracking clues now and when the show starts...thanks Pwn Master.

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