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Massive Dynamics: Updating Our Website. Updating Your Life.

      Email Post       7/26/2008 10:52:00 PM      

The suspected Fringe related domain under construction--has gone live with a rotating Massive Dynamics logo and the message/slogan: "Updating Our Website. Updating Your Life."

Clicking on the rotating logo plays a short bit of music that might be described as Massive Dynamics' instrumental jingle?

Also, Apopheniac79 in Unfiction asks an interesting question:
...can anyone make our what is being reflected in the logo? It looks as if though it is reflecting a room or something of that sort, not just some generic reflection pattern.
Thanks to reader tallone for the tip, and for the MD Logo.


tallone said...

does anyone think it is a building? also there appears to be a bright light or spotlight...looks like window frames.

tallone said...

checked who is..this site was created may 14,2008.

tallone said...

Ok's MD headquarters and the M

Anonymous said...

After seeing the episode at Comic-con I am wondering if Massive Dynamics is in anyway connected to the Hanso Foundation?

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