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Fringe Scavenger Hunt Begins At Comic-Con

      Email Post       7/23/2008 01:12:00 AM      

A scavenger hunt is set to start immediately after the Fringe panel at Comic-Con.

The LA Times has an exclusive sneak peek at the first clue, which will be sent to everyone who has registered at the website.

The first clue reveals the starting point of the hunt - Booth #4129 - where Fox Atomic/Fox Atomic Comics will be stationed.

Similar to The Dark Night scavenger hunt from last year's Comic-con, the clues will likely lead to various locations around San Diego. The prize is rumored to be a trip to NYC for the FRINGE premiere.

If anyone is going to Comic-Con, please email us your clues along the way! And definitely be on the lookout for cows!


aLilyWithThorns said...

Oh how cool is all that?!!!!!

I am so jealous!!

Wish I had been THERE!!!

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