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Imagine The Impossibilities: Seahorse Glyph

      Email Post       7/15/2008 03:13:00 PM      

Fringe Imagine The Impossibilities Find The Pattern Seahorse GlyphFringe Imagine The Impossibilities Find The Pattern Seahorse Glyph Braille

A seahorse had been added as the seventh Fringe "glyph" on the (aka Find The Pattern) website. Hovering your mouse over the seahorse outlines a Fibonacci Spiral pattern and reveals the chemical compounds for the amino acids Histidine and Hydroxyproline.

Clicking on the seahorse displays a paragraph of braille. A few of the words are already translated for you, but you can read the full translation below.

Click to reveal the translation...


tallone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tallone said...
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tallone said...

the link for the flower on imagine has been disabled..

tallone said...

yeah things to do on Fringe!!

Edward said...

Good catch. For newcomers, the frog used to link to a youtube video and the flower used to link to the official Fringe facebook page. I wonder what they'll replace the flower link with? Something befitting, I hope.

Zort70 said...

Dennis, I don't know whether there is a problem with my browser or it is something on the blog but on the front page posts the first letter from each sentence seems to be missing.

'licking on the seahorse...' doesn't sound like the right thing to do for me !

Edward said...

What browser are you using Zort70?

Zort70 said...

All looks ok on the front page now, the seahorse can be clicked instead of licked.

By the way I must add that this is a great blog site, even though the marketing (hype) hasn't reached the UK yet I'm enjoying things developing here.

Zort70 said...

Edward, I was using IE6 on an old PC, but as I've posted above it all looks ok now when I have reconnected.

I've sent an email with the odd looking frontpage to the fringetv email address anyway.

Edward said...

Hi Zort70. I was able to track down the problem and fix it once I was made aware of it. Thanks for taking the time.

Anonymous said...

I discovered tonight that there was a discrepancy between the symbols for the "s" and "t" used in "the" in the beginning of the second sentence and "course". They didn't match the symbols for the same letters elsewhere in the phrases. Anyone else find this? It had me stumped because I KNEW those two words had to be right but those two letters were fouling me up.

Anonymous said...

The first word on the first line is supposed to be "Science", but it looks like it starts with a upper case C.

The second word on the 4th line is "Dhe", but it should be "The".

the 3rd word on the last line is spelled "coKrse", when it looks like it should be "course".

The wrong letters are "CDK", the right letters are "STu".

Finally, the letter used to navigate along the bottom are "e h ac ba cd ee hi add".

The real question is, does this tell us anything?

Anonymous said...

the 2 compounds are histidine (on the left of the seahorse) and hydroxyproline (on the right) both are amino acids

Anonymous said...

In seahorses, it's the male that becomes pregnant.

Unknown said...

I did a little research about proline and histidine, and foud out that those are currently used as the base of a potential treatment for cancer or fast healing; these two amino acids, when combined, under certain conditions, have the ability to regenerate and speed up the creation of blood vessels, which speed up healing and could potentially cure cancer!
Anyway, that's just my 0.02$


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