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Fringe Targets Casual and Dedicated Viewers

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The deadBolt's Jordan Riefe interviews the writers/executive producers/co-creators of Fringe: J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. In the interview JJ expands a bit on the question of Fringe's accessibility and supposes that fans of Alias and Lost have reason to watch Fringe.

Q: If it’s possible to say, "Okay, Lost is over here, Alias is here," where is Fringe in that?

J.J. ABRAMS: Fringe feels a part of the same universe as those shows, although it’s obviously its own thing and very different. So I feel like it’s someone who’s a fan of those show will likely find something that they like in Fringe, but they’re not specifically thematically connected or through character.


Q: Lost is famous for adding more mysteries, more unsolved questions and not going back to solve the other ones it takes awhile for it. Is Fringe going to be constructed that way too with another mystery on top of another one?

J.J. ABRAMS: Yes, and no. I mean, I think that the show - it’s very important to the three of us that Fringe be a show that people can watch either religiously or casually. It’s something that Alias and Lost I don’t think necessarily have in their back pocket. Those are shows that you really need to watch every episode to kind of track. Fringe is a show that if you watch every episode you’ll be rewarded with details and specific movements of character and story. But you don’t have to. This show is going to have a much more accessible way in. And I think the stuff that’s going to be scary and crazy and creepy and weird, there’ll be a beginning, middle, and end. So there’s a procedural element to the show that I’m actually thrilled to play with, because I’ve never done a show that’s a procedural based show. So it was important for the three of us that the show not be exclusionary, that if you do a series where by episode six if you didn’t catch the first five you’re screwed. Our goal was to mitigate that, which I think the other two shows - which I am honored to be a part of - kind of made their names being these sort of oblique kind of Byzantine experiences.
Read the full interview here.


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