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Fringe Scavenger Hunt Report

      Email Post       7/27/2008 02:35:00 PM      

The Fringe scavenger hunt immediately followed the Fringe panel at Comic-Con. PostLarval from Unfiction was there and filed this report:
1) At 5:45, as we exited the Fringe panel, girls were handing out "vouchers". They were blue leaves, with a small keychain-light attached. It was a blacklight... when you ran it over the leaf, invisible ink read "Booth #4129".

2) When you went to the booth and showed them your "voucher", you received a gift. It was a Fringe pocket-notepad, with a nifty lenticular cover. Inside this notepad was another card like the one I previously posted. It had the same map on one side, and on the other the first clue: "Investigate the storage container at Seventh and Island to receive the next refreshing clue."

3) At Seventh and Island there was indeed a storage container. Inside were animal cages filled with fur, the sound of screeching monkeys, and a tall rack containing hundreds of bottles of refreshing "Imagine" Ginger Ale. A quick search revealed that under the ingredients listing, the following clue was added: "THE IMPOSSIBLE AWAITS AT 5TH AND J".

4) Approaching 5th and J, moos could be heard. Lo and Behold, there was a mid-town lot filled with cows! And barrels too, which were filled with apples. The apples had stickers on them, with a 10 digit number (8773746430) and the phrase "Are you ready to know?" When you called that number, you received a message from an FBI agent: "You are closer than you know. Go to the corner of 10th avenue and J street. The impossible, isn't."

You can listen to the call here:

5) At 10th and J was a parking garage. If you got in the elevator, you could hear the sound of frogs. Taking the elevator to the roof lead to... THE END! An outdoor screening of the pilot, a free bag, and a free t-shirt.
I told you there would be cows :)

* Thanks to PostLarval, Banshee1013, and Richard Keller (TV Squad) for the photos!


Capcom said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

tallone said...

hmm yeah you did say that about the cows way back when..

maven said...

That must have been fun!

Anonymous said...

It was awesome! Did anyone stay for the pilot, and were there any other surprises involved? I was able to go through the whole hunt but not stay for the screening (my husband was circling the block in the car, not knowing what the end would be).

Dennis said...

Did you take any photos of the scavenger hunt? I can't seem to find any photos of the storage container, or other locations.

I heard that less than a hundred people stayed for the screening. I think most people had already seen it on Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

does anyone what any of the apples or leafs or maps i got a whole bunch of them my friends and i went to the shipping container after the con to get some ginger ale but they ran out just an hour before but they gave us the left over apples, leaves, and maps

seerakosumosu said...

I would be interested in extra apples, leaves, and maps.

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