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Exclusive: Up Close And Personal With The BAD ROBOT Figurine At Comic-Con

      Email Post       7/26/2008 02:49:00 AM      

After reading about the Bad Robot figurine raffle at Comic-Con we couldn't help but wonder what the text at the bottom of the box said.

What we needed were better pictures, but after some searching it became apparent that none existed. However, the search wasn't a complete bust thanks to stumbling upon some excellent Comic-Con coverage over at PopCultureGeek, and of equal interest, PCG's extensive and growing Comic-Con '08 image gallery. Well, that was yesterday. Today PCG was kind enough to provide Fringe Television with three new shots of the limited edition Bad Robot statuette, including a close-up of that text at the bottom of the box.

Scan for a chance to WIN one of three Bad Robot statuettes - only 500 made!

Winners will be selected at random, and announced by JJ Abrams at the end of the Fringe Panel (Saturday, 4:45PM in Ballroom 20)


Capcom said...

Awwww! It's bigger than I perceived it in the other images.

Edward said...

A follow-up email from PCG's Robin:

"Btw... The "...an" is "Scan". They're scanning the bar codes on our badges for various giveaways this year, and this is one of them."

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