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Will the Fringe Pilot be Remote Free TV?

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Fringe will debut FOX's Remote Free TV concept by running only half the number of commercial minutes per episode as is typical for an hour-long program. According to the theglobeandmail.com, that equates to "50 minutes of programming in each hour-long episode." THR defines Remote Free TV as "commercial loads of about five minutes per hour, about half the usual," which, minus 60, equals 55 minutes of programming. Regardless of whose math is correct, the Fringe Pilot that was screened for the press and the version leaked online are reported from 82 to 90 minutes in length, which falls short of a theoretical two hour Remote Free premiere by at least 10 minutes, and possibly as many as 20.

In spite of rumors and confirmation that the Pilot is being tinkered with, Comic-Con's July 23 screenings consist of two 90 minute slots: 6:00–7:30 and 7:30-9:00. Does this mean Comic-Con attendees won't be seeing a Pilot tweaked to the point of being Remote Free TV friendly? Or does it mean Fringe may be Remote Free TV, but the Fringe Pilot isn't?

p.s. Don't miss Fringe at Comic-Con. See our Complete Fringe Schedule for Comic-Con 2008, and if you're not able to attend, watch this space all next week for the latest Comic-Con coverage.


Capcom said...

OMG, that will be awesome, and please let this be a trend. According to my VCR, we only get an average of 35-ish minutes of LOST per episode most of the time, without the ads (and not counting "previously on LOST...").

THR says that 5 minutes is about half the usual advert time??? Do they watch TV in the US? X-D

Looking forward to your Con covereage!

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