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Limited-Edition Bad Robot Figurine

      Email Post       7/24/2008 12:51:00 PM      

JJ Abrams is releasing a limited-edition batch of 500 Bad Robot figurines. According to Gizmodo:
They're giving away 3 of them at Comic-con this week, where they'll be showing off a pilot of their new show, Fringe. What's cool is that they prototyped these figures in house on the same 3D printer they designed the Cloverfield monster and the new Star Trek movie's phasers on.
The Bad Robot webpage has been updated with the message "Win Me At Comic-Con".

Maybe these will be scavenger hunt prizes?

No word yet on pricing, or where they will be available. If anyone see this for sale at Comic-con, get one for me too!

Update: According to

Paramount Pictures just alerted us that a Bad Robot Collectibles Raffle is going on at the Paramount booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. Only 500 were made, and they are raffling 3 away.


Capcom said...

Now that's just too cute! :-D

aLilyWithThorns said...


whine whine whine...

That is friggin adorable :)

Dennis said...

I want to know what that text at the bottom of the box says...

Edward said...

Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking, Cloverfield Sequel: Bad Robot vs. the Cloverfield Monster

Capcom said...

Absolutely, the military will build millions of little red robots to attack Clovie. :o)

Edward said...

I was thinking more along the lines of just 1 Giant bad Robot.

Dennis said...

How about a giant bad robot that transforms... nevermind

Capcom said...

That would be one bad, Bad Robot! :o)

Anonymous said...

That bad robot is really cool, JJ Abrams called my name during the Fringe Panel. I won 1 of the 3 robots that they were giving away. Even better is that JJ signed it. To top it off, when I was taking the figure to my hotel, I ran into JJ and got a quick pic with him. That was one hell of a Comic-con for me!


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