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New Interview with Anna Torv - Audio

      Email Post       9/27/2012 03:24:00 PM      

Here's a new interview with Anna Torv from "The Kevin And Bean Radio Show". She talks about Season 5 [without spoilers], Gene and much more. This is an audio interview only.

Fringe returns tomorrow at 9/8c on FOX


Anonymous said...

Anna Torv, wonderful woman, awesome actress.

Anna Torv should win an Emmy,

but as usual she has to praise John Noble,

sick and tired of always all the credit to Noble,
Fringe must be the only show where everyone has to work for 1 actirs Emmy, and all the media only give him all the credit.
On top of that Wyman and co as well.

Very rude.

Anonymous said...

BTW. read John Nobles tweets about not getting his Emmy nom,
truly pathetic and proof that he is a lot like the egocentric Walter he plays,

he did not even win the Saturn Awards (emmy for sci-fi) this year, he only got 1 last year,

where Anna Torv won 3 in a row, 2010,11,12,

but still everyone on the cast has to serve John Noble and every media only considers him as actor,
on top of that you have Wyman in interviews saying that Noble is so good, thats why he only writes for him.

Basically dismissing the rest of the cast as crap, as everyone else gets the leftovers with so much time and writing is spent on Walter/Noble.

Old Darth said...

Thank goodness the cast and crew of the show are more generous in their praise for one another and grounded than a portion of their fan base is.

Zepp said...

Anyway, Fringe, is what he is due to work writers, producers and directors, together with the actions of all players in time of action intended by the script written for each of them. If Noble has more prominence, or Anna or Josh, ..., it does not depend on their will but a large context that involves the entire production of Fringe, so whatever. And I particularly love Fringe, being as it is produced and acted in this way. For me, not only John Noble deserves a nomination for an Emmy, but the entire main cast. Four years waiting at least a Emmy nomination for any of the main cast of Fringe and nothing occurs is minimum frustrating and indignant, at least to me.

cortexifan said...

Awwww , she is so sweet and always supportive of her co-stars. Can't wait for tomorrow.

panda said...

Yes cortexifan that's so true. I love the entire cast and i'm so going to miss them. BTW Anna is so adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the Anna Torv is also around. That brings balance to "45". About Torv's praise of John Noble and John Noble's self-awareness, they are simply being realistic.

Anonymous said...

Excellent show! Anna Torv and John Noble just KILL in every episode of every season, and Joshua, Jasika, Lance and Blair are amazing. Onwards to season 5, people!!!

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